June 2020, Week 3

+ fixed start menu bgm cutting off
+ fixed bgm music overlapping when switching rooms too fast
+ more sfx
+ current build tested by friend for bugs
+ new characters

June 2020, Week 2

+ tutorial stuff
+ separated interactable objects to separate types
+ fixed some dialogue functionality for item checking that broke a while back
+ bug fixes
+ setting up itch page for dd

June 2020, Week 1

+ fixed bug with space bar and dialogue causing player to jump at the end
+ replaced sound effects with better ones and fixed them to trigger correctly

May 2020, Week 4

+ placeholder npcs scattered across city to make it feel more alive
+ "tutorial" story line in progress; added barriers to stop player from exploring the city
+ more characters
+ added secret rooms
+ started working on steam store page

May 2020, Week 3

+ fixing compatibility issues with other characters so i can use them for future progress posts
+ started gimp suit man boss
+ improving AI and attacks for pimp boss
+ giving attacks and being hit more flavor with visual effects

+ unskippable title card
+ trying to add juice to attack animations with a little bit of a linger, sparks, greater screen shake
+ fine tuning of each pimp ability, testing various AI designs to make fight more challenging
+ mini cutscene of new character

May 2020, Week 2

+ moving platforms for optional circus boss
+ adding a lot of content: more maps, boss cutscenes, character dialogue
+ gave /v/3 guy a bad name

May 2020, Week 1

+ story related stuff, like triggered events and doors that can only be passed after a condition is satisfied (e.g. talking to an NPC)

April 2020, Week 5

+ working on transitioning to tileset from hand drawn rooms, going to turn the strip club into a full dungeon instead of a mini zone

+ added robust save, saves should never crash now (it was doing so before)
+ minor dialogue system update to work with new json format
+ adding story to more NPCs
- going to miss demo day again

+ autosave feature
+ background music w/ transitions using free placeholder tunes
+ WIP slowmo when hit, need to add more visual cues because it looks like shit
+ dying now reloads from last safe checkpoint

April 2020, Week 4

+ saving now display screenshot of where you left off
+ added transition from boss fights back to normal gameplay