Girl's Lovecast

September 2021, Week 5

+ Fix bug where cash UI would not fade out when quitting from the main menu
+ Detect when user manually toggle screen mode and set toggle text accordingly
+ Redo piano melody for one of the songs
+ Fix bug where player could become invincible after using lovecast during boss fights
+ Draw special CG for intro scene
+ Create dialogue portrait model for a character's transformation
+ More scripting for intro scene

September 2021, Week 4

+ Decrease SFX volumes on InitialConfig screen that appears when player launches the game for the first time
+ MainMenu now gets the MasterVolume PlayerPref at each scene start
+ Add new sounds for indoor ambience
+ Fix lighting issue
+ Fix bug where player could move after using lovecast when there were no enemies left
+ Create animated dialogue portrait models for one of the main characters
+ Move Full-Screen/Window toggle to the same screen as init resolution selection
+ Detect when user manually changes screen mode and set toggle text appropriately
+ Decrease teleporter transition time
+ Create new song for when one of the main characters gains her powers
+ Fix bug where money UI would not fade out when quitting to the title screen
+ Fix bug where player could become invincible after using lovecast during boss fights
+ More dialogue and direction for the scene where one of the main characters gains her powers

September 2021, Week 3

+ Connect school and city levels
+ Adjust afternoon lighting
+ Set up school spawn positions for player and party members
+ Set up lighting at School level startup depending on the time of day
+ Increase projectile speed and damage output of enemies leading up to the final prologue boss
- Decrease default MasterVolume
- Decrease messagebox transition time
+ Change NPC dialogue in prologue if player is disguised
+ Start working on scene where protag gains her powers
+ Wrote a song for the school level, do you rike it? (It's really just a remake from an old song I wrote)

September 2021, Week 2

+ Finish redoing all of the school assets (for the time being)
+ Add and adjust lighting for each area of the school
+ Set up teleporters for all of the rooms
+ Fix bug where audio clips would not be shared across scenes
- Remove dev commentary from intro scene
+ Fix soft-locking bug with counterDodge attack
+ Fix SaveData UI bug that caused Save Menu UI elements to remain on screen if player exited menu too fast
+ Adjust colliders in prologue office area
+ Decrease teleporter wait time
+ Add NPC node collision triggers to lock players out of areas for now and display a message stating that they can't go in
+ Init script to prepare the school level upon loading

August 2021, Week 4

+ Migrate project over to Text Mesh Pro because Unity's default Text UI looks so bad on smaller screen resolutions
+ Add an AlwaysRun option in the settings menu like some anons had suggested in the previous dd submission
+ Get application version number at launch and display it on the title screen
+ Add interaction nodes to various scenes
+ Add itemGiver nodes to scenes so player can find items
+ Fix bug where player could talk to NPCs while teleporting
+ Fix bug where player could sometimes move while talking to NPC
+ Create script to allow the player to trigger cutscenes by pushing the interaction key at trigger nodes

+ Init school level; restructure a lot of old scene data and item placements; prepare scene data for compatibility with new systems
+ Go through a lot of old assets in the school area and redraw many of the sprites
+ Create reflection system for ground surfaces and bathroom mirrors
+ Fix movement bug that caused player to jump a little ahead after teleporting
- Remove credits from prologue level

August 2021, Week 3

+ Add lighting to scene
+ Setup scripts to prepare scene and set the time of day
+ Replace construction signs that block of temporarily unavailable areas with dialogue triggers that say things like, "I don't need to go there right now."
+ Setup teleporter triggers to connect scenes
+ Add optional functionality for preserving audio clips across scenes
+ Replace placeholder grass tiles with new ones

+ Work on fast food restaurant interior
+ Replace stock photo of burger with my own drawing
+ Fix some collider and lighting errors on street lights
+ Fix tile placements on various parts of the map

+ Create initial designs for casino and departmentstore interiors; setup teleporter triggers for entering both buildings
+ Fix bug that causes camera to swing when teleporting
+ Create register desk sprite specifically for fast food restaurants
+ Decrease the size of a sandlot in a previous map and run a road through the new space; setup traffic for that road

+ Create area leading up to school
+ Draw some new desert sprites
+ Add decorations to the southeast part of town

Getting closer to where I started, which was the school area back when it was a different kind of project.

+ Add clerk NPCs and setup shop system so you can actually buy things
+ Adjust counterDodge attack/ability so that it does more damage on certain enemies and is sometimes a more viable strategy
+ Fix bug where one of the enemies could spawn bullets while the game was paused
+ Fix bug where player could sometimes use abilities right after they are killed
+ Create saveLocation for school exit; setup so that player and party members will spawn at the correct spot when loading the scene from the school
+ Change sidewalk tiles so the ledges don't look so gigantic
+ Modify two of the boss battle themes >>348384584

Fugg, I feel like I did a lot this week. My eyes are tired

August 2021, Week 2

+ Continue expansion of the northeast part of the city
+ Create some sprites for houses and neighborhoods
+ Start working on the entrance to a drainage ditch, which serves as a shortcut entrance to a dungeon

+ Continue expansion of the northeast part of the city
+ Create entrance to drainage tunnel dungeon, as well as the exterior ditch and some water animations
+ Add some new sprites for houses

Expanded the area some more. Added stuff to the trailer park, added more neighborhood stuff, created a new building sprite, and created another apartment area.

I made a restaurant where you can get burgers.

+ Create new building sprite
+ Expand neighborhoods; add grocery store parking lot and residential areas
+ Touch up some songs
New battle theme:
Main character's theme:

Created new building casino sprite and expanded the surrounding neighborhood.
I think I'm about done with decorating this section of the city. Now I need to design the building interiors, add colliders, and set up scripts to prepare the scene. Also NPC placements.

+ Setup traffic system
+ Add colliders to game objects
+ Setup camera and camera confiner

August 2021, Week 1

+ Finished applying textures to buildings.
+ Follower AIs are now aware of SpriteRenderers with changing sortingOrders, and update their own sortingOrders accordingly.
+ Started working on the creation of the Northeast side of the city, including a generic department store

+ Continued working on the creation of the Norhteast side of the city. Mostly just decorated the department store exterior and created a few new sprites.
+ Set up party members to spawn at the correct spot depending on where you enter the level from.

Beginning to populate the northeast section of the city with neighborhoods, including the creation of different kinds of buildings that I can hopefully palette swap and use repeatedly. Still trying to decide how many neighborhoods should be populated with NPCs and how many neighborhoods the player can actually enter, depending on how many sidequests I feel like making.