Mech Chip

January 2019, Week 5

+ Fixed bugs with xinput controllers
+ Added sounds to the upgraded worm mech
+ Steam achievements
+ Steam page
+ Fixed other controller stuff
+ Added 60+ sound effects
+ Thanks for the feedback

+ submitted what I believe to be the final build.
+ It's been a great ~1.5 years of fun. It will be out this Friday on steam.
+ Now what

October 2018, Week 4

+ Final boss is finished
+ Added a trophy room + enemy card collectibles
- Need to place these enemy cards all over the map
- Need to create 3 more upgrades
- Need to make music and sound effects
- Need to polish the game in general and refactor lots of stuff

October 2018, Week 2

+ 4th boss is complete
+ final area is coming along slowly but surely
- I don't want to spoil anything, visible progress will probably come in the form of tidying up the game + adding music after the last section is finished. My mind may change.

May 2018, Week 4

+ Added the saw mech
+ Added a buyable upgrade for each mech
+ Added/modified a pause menu (not sure if I put this on last recap)
- slow progress

May 2018, Week 2

+ main menu
+ in-game pause menu
+ saving and loading to ini files rather than the terrible gamemaker game_save() that broke my demo for some
- menus take longer than I ever want them to

March 2018, Week 5

+ Status effects can be applied to all enemies
+ working on the shotgun mech, scrapped the shield mech
+ working on mock-up tilesets
- back to class

March 2018, Week 4

+ Finished boss 2 completely
+ Added some combat mechanics that influence switching mechs
- Artlet can't make his game look ok

March 2018, Week 2

+ New area leading up to the second boss is complete
+ 3 new enemies or hazards
- I have to make another boss now

February 2018, Week 3

+ Organized ideas for all mechs
+ created flame mech/most of its code
+ finished worm mech
+ 3 new rooms for the exposition
+ drew up/thought up ideas for the second boss
+ created 2 new enemies: a fatty and a roly poly
- lots of course work is building up from procrastination

February 2018, Week 2

+ New area is near completion
+ New enemy: candlebats
+ Organizing my final ideas/goals for this game
- Trying to learn GLSL ES, and most likely won't use much of my practice for this project
- Game still isn't pleasant to look at

February 2018, Week 1

+ A new enemy and new hazard
+ Area signs in the top left corner of the screen when you enter a new zone
- uni work

January 2018, Week 4

+ Menu looks better and accommodates 8 mechs
+ New explosion animation
- got mhw and got sick

January 2018, Week 3

+ Spawning system for enemies: enemies are unloaded when you aren't in the same room, then are created when you reenter the room.
+ Real saving and loading.
- I don't think I'll ever be content with a menu for switching mechs. Worked all day yesterday on a type of menu that I didn't end up liking.

November 2017, Week 4

+ Added checkpoints
+ Added better textboxes with a more readable font
+ fixed known camera bugs in final room
- Added but then removed a simple map, hoping to recreate it in a much better, more flexible manner later
- All the progress from dd17 and now has been in preparation for future editions. Hopefully soon I'll get to the fun stuff. (just kidding it's all fun)

November 2017, Week 3

+/- Tab now cycles between obtained mechs, as opposed to bringing up a menu
+/- Can only switch on the ground now
+ no more weird character resolution glitch when swapping from bomber
+ no more stuck/zip glitches when swapping (I hope)
- I'm slow as fuck and unsure if I'll add much content before mecha jam, due to more bugs that need fixing; They are top priority above content.

October 2017, Week 3

+ 4 more rooms
+ 1 more mech
+ a turret enemy
+ different behaving worms
+ more sound effects
+ switching between chip and mech (not sure if I said that in the last recap... it was a while ago)
+ fixing a ton of bugs that popped up when I added switching
- my work is cut out for me
- more and more bugs popping up
- need a mech menu
- I feel like the game is straying away from what I originally wanted
- progress is extremely slow because each thing I want to add is an entirely new concept for me to learn
+ but I'm learning nonetheless
+ agdg motivates me to apply myself

September 2017, Week 2

+ Started making the game (first progress post)
+ Posted 1 minute demo to demo day for the first time
+ I got so much feedback and I'm very thankful for my fellow aggies
+ afterwards, added animations to clearly show that holding down does something in the mech
+ added sounds for the same reason (this was the primary feedback given from the dd16 entry)
+ revamped room system (no more jank teleporting, it's all c o n n e c t e d and the camera moves as opposed to changing rooms)
+ learning a lot about game maker
- trying really hard not to cut corners
- things feel like they take longer than they should, but I believe it's just due to me being new to this