September 2021, Week 1

Fixed message display when messages sometimes appear out of bounds
Added a submission to demo day

July 2021, Week 5

+ Added score notifications
+ Rebalanced acceleration and reaction time
+ Rebalanced blinking and bullet time energy cost
+ Some other changes that I forgot

July 2021, Week 4

+ Added short-lived phantom colliders that are spawned by dying enemies, making chaining combos easier
+ Added a bonus for using chasers to hit far away enemies
+ Added a bonus for hitting >3 enemies with howitzers' splash damage

July 2021, Week 2

+ Submitted the demo.
+ Drew the font.
+ Added a message display system.
+ Changed scoring system. Again.
+ Added score modifiers.
+ Rewrote the description.

June 2021, Week 3

+ Added a preloader so that people with slow internet don't sit in front of a black screen wondering if the game works or not.

June 2021, Week 2

+ Implemented a new enemy type that fires missiles.
+ Implemented screen shake.

June 2021, Week 1

+ reverted control scheme to how it was previously(slowing down on RMB, bullet time uses space instead)
+ added depth testing
+ missile entity implemented but not tested yet
+ started working on missile launcher ship

May 2021, Week 4

+ wrote a sound system(well, it's just a hashtable of sound objects with some extra methods) so I can change the volume at which the sounds are played as well as speed for the bullet time

+ Added time stretch(aka bullet time).