Elemental Knight

August 2018, Week 5

+ Got a base outline for the fire town
- Not happy with the combat, so I'm reworking it completely. Also completely re-working the control system so I can have added controller support. So it'll be delayed to 2019 now. I'll be taking a break from the game for one r two months which is fine because I wanted to really explore some idea's I had for some small games in the meantime.

August 2018, Week 4

+ Pretty much finished the entire outdoor area's except the one leading up to the earth town
- Found out you have to wait a full month after paying steam directs fee to launch your game, so it won't be out till atleast Oct. now.

August 2018, Week 3

+ Got the first quarter of the outside area finished
+ Finished the intro of the game and the starting area
+ Finished the upgrade/potion shop
+ Trying for a Sept 15th release
- Stressed, but working through it

August 2018, Week 2

+ Got a lot done lately, which is awesome
+ Finished the intro scenes as to where you can start exploring
+ Figured out all the alternative spells on paper
- Getting kinda chubby

July 2018, Week 3

+ Finished the first boss
+ Decided that since I removed some spells, I'll add secondary versions of each spell for the variety that was lost.
- Been sick, slow progress lately

June 2018, Week 3

+ Got enemy in, moving, and attacking.
+ Did my first navmesh and it went great
+ Got all NPC's in the outside part of town saying their dialogue
+ Put in optional dialogue (ie. choosing a response to an NPC)
- Nothing really other than as usual it's taking me longer than I thought to do stuff.

June 2018, Week 2

+ Layout is pretty much all done
+ Auto jump over ledges and out of water is working properly
- Made a building to represent all elements, but didn't like the design, so remaking it
- Wasted a lot of time today on something that ended up being an easy fix.

June 2018, Week 1

+ Think I found a camera angle I'm happy with
+ Started working on the new quest for this map
- Had to ditch a remade town because I wasn't happy with it.

May 2018, Week 5

+ Started on expanding the layout for the first stage
+ Made basic overworld map on paper

April 2018, Week 3

+ Finished NPC, but need to remake the textures for it, not happy with them
- Bit slow on progress lately, spending a lot of time thinking about how I want the tower boss scene to play out.

April 2018, Week 2

+ Got the boat mechanics/effects all in
+ Got a draw out (mostly) design for the first Tower.
- Depth of field blurs out the skybox, which I really didn't want, so I'm dropping it all together.
- Full world won't be finished by demoday, just the one tower.

April 2018, Week 1

+ Put some heavy work into getting the character to properly interact with static objects in terms of the physics. It's not amazing still, but better than before.
+ Finished ice spell
+ Finished adding the new mechanics and upgrades I want for the next demo, started work on the next level
- Tried importing my project to new version of unity (from 5.3), but it broke many things unfortunately. Stuck with using 5.3 until game is finished.

March 2018, Week 5

+ Added in water effects
+ Re-worked some on-paper spells so they interact properly with water
- Had to cut some neat idea's I had previously to cut down on dev time and headaches.

March 2018, Week 4

+ Started working on swimming mechanic
+ Picking up/throwing mechanic done
+ Working on fixing up bugs/bad collisions/whatever in the first world
+ Started sketching out the second world
- Cant decide which element I want to have for the next demoday

March 2018, Week 2

+ Working on getting picking up/throwing mechanic in
+ Changed all movement to be physics based
- Changing to physics based movements makes things a lot more complicated for me. Makes some things better, makes some things worse. We'll see if it's worth it.

March 2018, Week 1

+ Got demo out and fixed camera inversion
- Decided to completely re-work player controls and it's giving me a huge headache.

February 2018, Week 4

+ Got ripples in when walking on water
+ Got all collisions boxes in
+ Changed out the grass for shrubs
- Not enough time to put in a picking up and throwing mechanic before DD
- Have a LOT to do to make it in time for DD. Demo may not have fitting music/sound effects.

February 2018, Week 3

+ Just about finished the aesthetics for this scene
- Still have quite a lot to do before demoday

February 2018, Week 2

+ Got two varieties of flowers and part of a tree done
+ Added small animation on flowers so that they move when you run into them
- Nothing really

February 2018, Week 1

+ Finished the Telescope
+ Got a few puzzle ideas for later levels
- Very little progress this week unfortunately

January 2018, Week 3

+ built a mockup of the portal room
+ Started working on the arcane portal level
+ Started playing around with more image effects like contrast and saturation
- Dude at work got fired so I have to work more shifts to cover him, which means less time to work on the game.

December 2017, Week 1

+ Got in health, upgrading mechanic, timer, and pretty much the entire flying mechanics. Starting work on the ship dungeon.
- As usual, just a lack of time.