Project Alchemist

October 2018, Week 2

+ I reformulated the alchemy system, now more efficient and the number of tiles needed to use a spawn is precise
+ Now all doors that belong to a building recognize when the player is outside or inside of a building
+ Now doors can be locked and player will need a key to open them

September 2018, Week 4

+ Added a shop
+ Now weapons only damage while attacking
+ Now birds can`t fly if the player cuts its wings
+ When the player is in a indoor, an effect to the outside is added, so it can be recognized what is in the inside and what is outside
+ Bug fixes

September 2018, Week 3

+ Now you can mount the bird enemy to fly and give direction to it, however if it gets tired it will fall down
+ Now the bird enemy can lose it`s body parts and die
+ Added a new blood effect
+ Added directional attacks
+ Added possibility for the enemies to drop objects when dying
+ Code optimization

September 2018, Week 2

+ Started to work again on the game after a long time
+ Improved the ledge grabs, now more precise
+ Started working on a new enemy (a bird)
+ Made a trap that crushes the character
+ Combos
+ Added a button to call the zip-line when it`s on the another side
- It was too much time nodeving,

May 2018, Week 3

+ Now the players have different control schemes
+ Adapted a lot of code to make it work with both players
+ Like 70 % of the code from the alpha 0.2 adapted to work with two players
+ Decided to make a new combat system
+ Now when you are bleeding, if you bleed to the lowest possible point, you keep one point of blood in that body part, this makes so that you cannot die suddenly when you are bleeding, and have to take damage from something to die.
+ Improved and optimized some code
+ Now the players and the enemies don`t collide with each other, this gives more freedom when you are moving, and avoids the player from getting stuck with the enemies.
- Could not work on many new things because all the time was spend working on adapting the game to work with multiplayer

May 2018, Week 2

+ Started working on multiplayer.
+ Added split screen.
+ Now you can throw weapons.
+ Incremented player`s velocity and now jumps are less floaty.
- Second player is only a recolor from player 1.
- Both players control the same, now I need to make a separation in the inputs.

May 2018, Week 1

+ Submitted alpha 0.2 for demo day 20
+ Made faster the player´s movement
+ Optimized the blood system code
+ Started working on a mechanic of throwing weapons
+ Improved movement in slopes
- This changes were not included in the alpha 0.2

April 2018, Week 4

+ It has been 6 months since the development of the game began
+ Rewrite some code and now it`s much more efficient
+ Fixed some game breaking bugs
+ Worked on the map of the new alpha 0.2 for the demo day 20
+ Fixed some minor bugs
+ Reworked on spider enemy ai
- Didn't have time to rework on the other enemy I had in the game, so in the new alpha only the spider will be there as an enemy

April 2018, Week 3

+ When not in combat mode, the weapons are visible on the back or in the leg depending of what type are them, some of them have sheaths that can be seen also in combat mode
+ Now the trees can be cut down in both directions and won´t take only one hit
+ Changed the method the map is drawn, now it`s more efficient
+ Added melting to ice tiles
- Some animations are even worse than before, because I ruin them while fixing a bug
- I have to fix the position of the rag doll spawn when dying

April 2018, Week 2

+ Optimization in code
+ Fixed a lot of game breaking bugs
+ Got Impalement working again, now with less bugs
+ Worked on spider enemy ai
+ Added messages when the player pick up items
+ Added a laser to the handgun, it comes in various colors, useful to aim to targets
+ Now the weapons are hidden when the combat mode isn`t active, next thing I will add is that the weapons are visible on the players back or in the hip in the case of the handgun while not in combat mode
+ Made physics faster
+ Made the red cursor visible while on not combat mode, this allows the player to use alchemy without the need to activate the combat mode
+ Probably could make it in next demo day
- No progress posts in the week on AGDG

April 2018, Week 1

+ Did some optimization in the code
+ Added a trap block that shots arrows at high speed when the player is in line of sight. These arrows can be deflected with the shield or with a sword(with a bit of difficulty)
+ Started reworking on combat aspects of the game
+ Reworked on the spider enemy ai
+ Changed a bit the physics of the player, now the control feels more tight and less clunky

March 2018, Week 5

+ Added a zip-line: it has a script that generates it`s path according to its 2 bases, this way, it´s easy to make more than one, and maybe that the player can make their own. It can be used with two or one hand. If used with one hand, the other hand can be used to use weapons, such as a handgun.
+ Added a moving platform, which its reusable because it moves accordingly to a curve2d from Godot that can be changed.
+ Fixed elevator, now the player moves with it, and does not do mini jumps when going down
+ Cleaned a bit some code that was unnecessary and optimized some that could be a bit more efficient
+ Adjusted a bit the climbing
- The zip-line has placeholder graphics
- The moving platform has placeholder graphics
- Some times the player falls through the moving platform because it is a one way collision platform, and while its moving up, the player gravity makes it fall from it. Have to fix it.

March 2018, Week 4

+ Been working on destruction, I made a white circle that represents the radius of a explosion, on that certain radius the explosion will destroy tiles
+ Fixed some bugs from weapon selection
+ Made a cannon to test the explosions
+ Cycle of time that can be used for events
- Little progress in the last weeks

February 2018, Week 3

+ Fixed some bugs
+ Some adjustments to menu
+ New climbing system, now works on all ledges
+ Added collectible items( to restore blood or bullets to use with the handgun)
- Little time to work because of university

February 2018, Week 2

+ Worked on menu
+ Fixed some bugs
+ Remake the alchemy system, because how it worked before was clashing with the new level system
+ Added indicators of what have you equipped on alchemy slots, they are different for each material, and change real time when you center energy around a different material from the preferential one
+ Fixed tree physics
+ Started working on a new enemy( without art, currently just uses placeholder sprites )
+ Variable jump height ( before it was the same all the times )
- Didn't post any progress in the week on the threads
- Started college, so I now have less time to work on the game

February 2018, Week 1

+ Made a script to draw scenes in eight directions, when the player enters a new scene, the ones that were long are erased and the corresponding ones to load are drawn. This simulates the open world effect.
+ Now the game has 3 different cameras, one that is near, other that is far and last one is very far, made a smooth transition to the cameras as an anon suggested
+ Now the spear of stone is fully functional and can damage enemies and impale them, and can damage also the player if he isn't careful
+ Now the handgun is functional and does damage to enemies

January 2018, Week 4

+ Made a system to build houses. You put the tiles and a script calculates the collisions from the outside ( the roof has one way collisions) and the inside( the walls and the roof are solid)
The things that are inside the house only appear if you are inside and disappear when outside.
+ Made some animations( need to improve)
+ Added some nature elements: lava, and a tree with physics( you can cut it to form bridges or smash enemies, the last still not programmed )
- The animations cause problems with the combat system( I´m currently fixing this)
- Some times the tree physics are weird

January 2018, Week 3

+ Made a door that opens with a clickable switch
+ Now there´s a "pain" system: when you lose much blood, and the minimum blood quantity to survive( this stat could be improved in the final game), a "pain bar" appears and if it is filled completely, you die. Each attack or damage fills this bar but it also decreases with the time. If you restore sufficient blood, this bar will be gone and you will be safe
+ Started adding knock back to the weapons
+ Been making a new menu that works with the controls ( the last one only worked with the mouse)
- Couldn't progress very much because I was ill

January 2018, Week 2

+ Fixed some bugs from the demo
+ Added a system to transfer blood from the different body parts, to regulate the abilities that they will have
+ Added an elevator that can be called from distance with a switch
- The character does n`t know that is on the elevator, so he thinks that is falling and cause him to do mini jumps when going down

January 2018, Week 1

+ Tune up some last details for the demo
+ Submitted first demo of the game for demo day 18
- Demo is very unpolished
- The demo is very buggy
- The demo is very cryptic with the actions because I didn't have time to make a proper tutorial level

December 2017, Week 4

+ Added special properties to alchemy spawned objects that aren`t anchored to a solid surface.
+ Added an acid attack for the spider(the effect of the acid is a placeholder)
+ Added to the menu a display of the quantity of blood each part of the body has.
+ Now the probability of bleeding isn`t a hundred percent, instead it takes in consideration many factors
+ Now the attacks of the enemy suppress a quantity of blood to the player, and then the game checks the possibility of a continue state of bleeding
+ Added a music player to the game
- Still can`t fix the impalement position

December 2017, Week 3

+ Fixed the placement of alchemy objects, now there´s two types , the ones that are anchored to a solid surface and the ones that are independent and can be spawned anywhere( added a stone spear to test it)
+ Added portable blocks, that are created saving resources from the world
+ Added a priority to the portable blocks( if you center energy on blocks and on tiles from the world, the portable will always have priority to be used)
+ Now when using alchemy, you only lose the necessary quantity of materials
+ When using alchemy you will waste the last materials where you centered energy
+ Started working on the damage system for the combat
+ Now the character can walk through slopes
+ Now the protagonist and the weapons have physics with the portable blocks
+ Added a system for dialog and signs( it`s from the Godot asset library)
- Still can`t fix the rotation of bodies when impaling them

December 2017, Week 2

+ Started with the alchemy mechanics
+ Fixed a bit the stuttering when the character moves
+ Advanced in the blood system
+ Now the menu has an alchemy selector
+ You can now store materials to use it with alchemy
- Haven´t advanced in enemy AI

December 2017, Week 1

+ Worked on first combat mechanics
+ Worked in in basic AI
- The impalement mechanic still don`t work when flipping the character