Rescue Squad Omega

December 2018, Week 2

+ added 1 new visual effect
+ added 5 new cards + art
+ some refactoring
+ some bugfixes
- a week with little progress

December 2018, Week 1

+ added 1 new event + art
+ added 1 new crewman + art
+ added 1 new card + art
+ cards can now modify other cards (that was harder then it sounds)
+ crewman abilities now have names
+ a hand full of bug fixes
+ improvements to the background scenery system (should includes a tiny performance boost)
+ in preparation for a future plan (environmental effects), systems with nebulas now show on the map
- that does not look very good yet
+ refactored a bunch of stuff and am now the proud owner of yet another singleton

November 2018, Week 5

+ pimped the site
+ made the game publicly searchable on itch
+ crew (loot) now uses rarety
+ crew now uses a pool system (crew not picked up is gone)
+ improved bonus point system
+ added 4 new bonus point achievements
+ multiple small performance optimizations (maybe someday it will actually add up to something)
+ piles now update while being viewed, so you don't miss cards when playing fast
- been sick for the last 4 days, so only little progress

November 2018, Week 4

+ added 1x new enemy + art + new ability
+ added an easter egg kinda thing (you can shoot background asteroids/debris now, to get tiny amounts of money)
+ all ships now fire from their actual weapons and not from their belly
+ some minor performance improvements (never run you game 100% in the UI Layer kids)
+ added option for vsync on/off to the settings menu
+ added some polish to the event window (that thing was fuuugly)
+ added some polish to the score window
+ added 1 new event + art
+ added 1 new cargo + art
+ added 1 new visual effect
+ improved mapnode distribution system
+ tweaked the boss
+ fixed some bugs

November 2018, Week 2

+ Subsectors now random from pool (renewed when empty) instead of completely random
+ some bugfixes
+ added 5x card art
+ added 1x crew art
+ some card changes
- still not happy with those changes
+ Buff indicators now 5% more fancy (colored by buff/debuff type, better tooltip, and nice placement)
+ Halfway done with saving/loading

- Last recap post got borked, so i post all of last times stuff again. I hope this one works.
+ Subsectors now random from pool (renewed when empty) instead of completely random
+ some bugfixes
+ added 6x card art
+ added 2x crew art
+ added 1x new enemy + art + new abilities + "AI"
+ some card changes
- still not happy with those changes
+ Buff indicators now 5% more fancy (colored by buff/debuff type, better tooltip and nice placement)
+ Saving/Loading (or rather continuing a run after closing the game) works
+ Added Buttons to the crewintro Window to browse the crew

October 2018, Week 4

+ Possibility to combine enemies into 1 big one (only visual, used for the new dreadnought boss)
+ Improved card-drawing code, hopefully no more bugs from that
+ New boss finished with art, "ai" and so on.
+ Old boss is now the 3rd elite
+ Found the reason why my "animations" all looked jittery (pixelperfect mode while doing smooth animations [i'm an idiot!]) and damn it looks so much better now
+ Hackfixed a bug that made ships get nudged from their original positions from violent animations
+ Made Rewards Modular, so i open up some options (for example event: chose 3 times 1 card out of 4)

October 2018, Week 3

+ Added 1x new cargo + art
+ Added 2x card art
+ Added 1x buff icon
+ Added 1x new player ship + art + starter deck
+ Added 1x new crewmen + art
+ Rebalanced some of the old ships
+ Planet clouds have a shadow now (looks better)
+ Made cargo sell values easier to find
- Selling cargo still feels hidden
+ Cargo is now more or less likely to be found depending on rarety
+ Palorium Crystals now use Drain cards instead of directly taking away energy
+ No more free money by selling stuff back to the vendor that was on sale!
+ Still working on the new boss
- Now the old boss looks bad in comparison, so it will probably be demoted to an Elite

October 2018, Week 2

+ Added 1 Crew Art
+ Added 1 Card Art
+ Working on a new boss
+ Working on more enemy ships
- another week of slow progress because stupid real life gets in the way.

October 2018, Week 1

+ Added 1 crew art
+ Added 4 card art
+ Windows, Mac and Linux builds are all working now
- only baby steps

September 2018, Week 4

+ Added 1 new function cards can use
+ Added 1 new card
+ Changed 1 Crewmans bonus
+ Using different ships (starting conditions like base energy, hp, cargo space etc.) works
+ Added a cool Ship Chooser to the menu scene
+ Added 2 new player ships + Art
+ You can now buy cargo at trade stations
+ You can now sell cargo at stations (half value if not a trade station)

September 2018, Week 3

+ Refactoring step one done (including fixing all the bugs from that)
+ Added 1 new Cargo + Art
+ Added 1 Card Art
+ Added different starting decks (will add individual ship sprites later)
+ planning a ship selector (aka starting deck selector)
- only getting back in the saddle slowly after a slump

September 2018, Week 2

+ still working on some major refactoring
- refactoring is screwing a lot of shit up
+ updated a few card arts
+ plan for enemies in sector 2 -> biological space monster things.
- still slacking too much

September 2018, Week 1

+ added a new card
+ some balancing
+ brainstormed for sector 2 enemies
+ started some bigger internal changes, that suck to do, but seem more and more necessary
- another week of lots of non-gamedev stuff

August 2018, Week 5

+ made a new mouse cursor... wow, such progress
+ added 1 crewman art
+ added 1 new effect (just the visuals for something that was already there)
+ added 1 new card
+ buff/debuff indicators now also flash when the certain buffs/debuffs get triggered
+ slight improvements to the score screen
+ added support for cloaking on enemies
+ added new elite enemy
- too little progress because i got distracted by other shit

August 2018, Week 4

+ The crew list at the top can now hold more crew than fits on the screen via buttons to browse through them
+ Added Cargo system (basically 1-time use cards in a box you can use whenever you want, to smooth out frustrating difficulty spikes)
+ Made the cargo system fit in with the UI
+ Added 7 cargo boxes
+ Added Art for 7 cargo boxes
+ Added 2 new cards
+ Added support for multiple ships with different starting decks and characteristics
+ Tweaked the settings UI and added an option for fewer tooltips (only main tip -> Expert Mode)
+ After days of on and off searching for it, finally found a bug that made go into idle mode sometimes

August 2018, Week 3

+ Keywords can now be colored with different colors (used to show buffs and debuffs at a glance)
+ Added 3 new Cards
+ Added Art for 5 Cards
+ Added 4 new Crewmember
+ another pass at making card texts less confusing
+ more balancing (still not enough)
+ Added score/stat screen at the end, which can be easily extended using more stats
+ Bugfixes
+ Useless name generator improved. Now with more Markov chains and less gibberish
- Wasted time with No Man's Sky, a gerbil having a stroke and now brain-damage and a strained/broken foot

August 2018, Week 2

+ High res upgrade to the buff/debuff icons
+ Reworked multiple card functions
+ Changed lightning attacks to now do random damage in a defined range
+ Added 5 new cards
+ Added 3 new card art
+ Added 1 new attack type Ion Damage (triple damage to shields)
+ fixed soooo many bugs, holy shit why do I keep making new ones
+ did some balancing, even though it's way too early to do balancing
+ more refactoring, now separated all crew related things from the game manager into a crew manager
+ Event (?) Sectors can now contain battles, hidden shops, repair stations or crewman to rescue besides normal events
+ Added "art" for another space station, so repair and trade look different
+ Now all enemies have a brain and are much smarter when choosing abilities (but not too smart either)
+ slightly improved controls
+ sector now starts with easier enemies and gets harder as you move on, less frustrating to not be roflstomped in the first fight
+ spruced up the title screen a bit
+ added 2 new visual effects for cards/enemies abilities
+ Game now collects stats about everything you do or is done to you in a turn/battle/run, to be used for card/crew conditions and scoring
+ Support for multiple levels, just need more content now

August 2018, Week 1

+ Added turn indicator
+ Added sector indicator (with random name generator in it)
+ Added 2 new enemies
+ Added 1 card art
+ Added 3 cards
+ Gave the first elite enemy some intelligence and new and better abilities
+ Some refactoring
+ killed a lot of bugs I made by refactoring
+ Internal changes from custom property drawers to Odin inspector attributes
+ more small polish here and there
+ Added a buff/debuff indicator animation thing

July 2018, Week 4

+ Learned some basic music theory
+ Made 1 Song (it's probably shit)
+ Added MusicManager to manage all those ONE songs
- Changed the 1 Song again and again and again until 1 person did not hate it
+ Fixed some bugs
- Made some new bugs
+ Added 1 new crew member +art
+ Added 1 new enemy +art
+ Some code cleanup
+ SCT now uses a queue instead of putting everything on the screen willy nilly
+ Buffbar now indicates when certain buffs trigger
+ Various improvements, too small to list
+ Gave sectors a randomly generated flavor name

July 2018, Week 3

+ Improved hotkey functionality (not finished yet)
+ Automatic system for keyword highlighting, even with variants... no more handcrafted color tagging in stringboxes
+ Added tooltips for the cards in your hand, because of feedback
+ Added a button that shows the pile of destroyed cards, because of feedbar (not sure if it is in a good position yet)
+ Engine trails of background spaceship now also go zoom zoom
+ Added settings for everything that needs settings, including keybindings
+ Spruced up the settings screen and made everything safe to PlayerPrefs now
+ More Bugfixes, like every week
+ Made the map more splitty (more path switching opportunities) and allowed for 3 way splitting sometimes
+ Added 1 new Card
+ Added Art for 3 Cards
+ Added Art for 1 Event
+ Added 1 new ability effect
+ Changed some colors around
+ Added Indicator Trail animation when Discard is shuffeling back into Draw
+ Improved Overdraw handling
+ Added a sun to the background possibilities
+ Added targeting frame to player ship for things that target the player
+ Added in-game "pause" (does't pause) menu
+ Improved wording on all cards (still not perfect)

July 2018, Week 2

+ Made crew introduction screen usable (and useful) to everywhere it made sense in the game
+ Improved the crew introduction art stuff
+ Organized all the cards/events/enemies/crewmember into a useful spread sheet (and added some new ideas there)
+ New Kind of card (spend all energy to do X times something)
+ Added 3 New Cards
+ Added Art for 3 Cards
+ Improved Art for 2 Card
+ killed some Bugs
+ you can now reject crewman
+ Added a dynamic background
+ Added fullscreen transition effect in between sectors
+ Started to do some optimizations
+ Improved art some more art
+ added 1 new crewmember
+ improved keyboard shortcuts
+ made a linux build

July 2018, Week 1

+ Some internal code improvements
+ Hand Card Hotkeys (was suggested to me by anon)
+ Improved and now modular rewards window
+ New Character Introduction Screen