November 2022, Week 4

+ Many balance changes to speed up the early game
+ First demo playtest
- Playtest had to halt 3/4 of the way through due to bugs
+ Black market WIP
+ Change buildings to not consume items until ready to produce (makes more sense to the player)
+ Added some basic sfx for building and log error messages
10 usability improvements
3 crash fixes
3 other bug fixes

November 2022, Week 1

+ New missions covering most of the first chapter
+ Balanced the early overmap game
+ Orders are only assigned to workers with enough fuel to complete them
+ Can send "Everything" or "Anything" from a planet to another
+ Various minor improvements
+ 24 bug fixes
+ More than 20x performance improvement to Stockpiles (they were very inefficient before)

October 2022, Week 4

+ Many robustness improvements for factories that are split into two or more regions
+ A ship that has bonus slots lets you choose bonuses that apply to the entire ship
+ Made the Blueprint-creating screen pretty
+ More graphics, including placeholders
+ Can now send "Everything" from a planet in the Orders screen
+ Flood fill to speed up pathability tests (see pic, each color is a separate region)
+ 18 bug fixes

October 2022, Week 3

+ I'm back!
+ Ships consume a realistic amount of fuel. They must land to refuel.
+ Improved intelligence of stockpile use to avoid blocking off spaces prematurely or splitting the factory in two. AGVs used to need a home base to act smart, but no longer.
+ The disposal can now be configured to accept/reject any item types
+ Many minor usability improvements
- Managed to cover up some fuel consumption bugs without fixing them

June 2022, Week 2

+ Some planets now have natural ecologies involving plants, predators, and prey
+ Fleshing out and balancing ecosystems towards stability

+ Warp gate keys can be earned in several ways to unlock access to new systems
+ Scanning new planets from orbit allows building a base

+ Can earn favor with the local mafia, intimidate them, or destroy them

+ Research tree partial redo
+ Science accumulation / spending science on research
+ Tutorial mission fixes
+ The disposal doesn't dispose of end-products and natural items anymore
+ Lots of edge-cases where the player can accidentally softlock themselves have been resolved

+ Many other fixes

June 2022, Week 1

+ Added events that you have to send ships to to activate
+ Dialogs with multiple options, multiple levels, and arbitrary actions
+ Created a Distress Signal event and a negotiation event when you reach the home base of the local mafia

+ Ships now sway to make it easier to see how many you have
+ Game runs in the background
+ Stop showing ugly placeholders for buildings unless they have no sprite
+ Latter half of tutorial missions WIP
+ Some checks to make sure the player doesn't destroy key items and get stuck

May 2022, Week 4

I'm back
+ Can ship cargo from Salvage nodes to your chosen planet
+ Stockpile and Salvage UI improvements
+ UI only shows items you've already seen to avoid spoiling the player
+ Lock certain UI elements in the early game until you need them
+ Various minor fixes

February 2022, Week 3

+ If you win a battle, enemy ships drops parts in a Salvage node. Less-damaged parts drop more often.
+ Can order parts in Salvage nodes to be sent to one of your planets
+ Fleet Detail screen shows ship icons and damage status
+ Ship Detail screen shows component-level ship information and damage status, as well as important statistics
+ If a ship component is destroyed in battle, it turns into dead weight
+ Ship resources like fuel and cargo belong to specific ship parts. If the part is destroyed, you lose the contents.
+ Real starting scenario WIP
+ Research tree completely redone and expanded, with new emphasis on reverse-engineering
+ Many usability improvements

February 2022, Week 1

+ Movement on the overmap costs fuel
+ Can now send ships to transfer orbits as well as planets
+ Ships unload non-matching cargo before beginning a cargo job
+ Remade the Blueprint manager to be less confusing
+ Select your ship icon when making a blueprint
+ Detail screen for Salvage nodes (WIP)
+ Landed ships show the actual ship instead of an icon

Fix factories outputting stacks of items
Fix singleton code to allow for multiple Shipyards
Fix issue with missing encounters on connections when starting from low orbit
Fix page width issues (CSS)
Particle fixes
Fix a couple crashes

January 2022, Week 4

+ Smart stockpiling algorithm ensures stockpile spaces are never blocked off
+ Tutorial missions (80%)
+ AGVs (Autonomous Ground Vehicles) now have a battery charge. When discharged, they move much slower.
+ Charger building recharges AGVs
+ Can view detailed information about each component from blueprint editor
+ Select AGVs to see what they're doing
+ Select Launchpad to view fuel and cargo of the ship on the pad
+ Blueprint editor won't let you save a blueprint if the ship it builds will not be able to fly

January 2022, Week 3

+ Missions UI
+ Building most buildings costs one buildkit
+ Vehicles can now store themselves to stockpiles when requested (Required to colonize new planets)
+ Launch and landing animations with smoke trails
+ Battles are given names to identify them
+ Parallax star background
+ Tutorial missions WIP
+ Smart stockpile use WIP (Fill the stockpile in such a way that no free stockpile space is ever blocked off)

+ Several fixes to cargo orders
+ Miscellaneous usability improvements
+ Dozens of miscellaneous bug fixes

January 2022, Week 2

+ Can make new cargo orders for your cargo fleet
+ Cargo fleet will automatically balance cargo-carrying capacity between active orders
+ UI theming
+ 29 new ship icons
+ Faction colors

+ Many UI fixes
+ Fixes for loading/unloading multiple pieces of cargo at once
+ Fix overmap encounter issues

June 2021, Week 2

Worked on the story using Twine, nearly finished with it. I basically wrote the story minus the game, including all options and branches.

No other progress

May 2021, Week 4

Ships can now land on planets

Ships take orbits around planets

Ships now load and unload cargo according to outstanding Orders

Better fleet control

Connections between planets and transfer orbits now automatically generated

May 2021, Week 2

Picked up developing the game again after nearly a year gap

Wrote the entire story start to finish using Twine

Planned out much of the game progression

Redesigned much of the game, especially how the overmap works

Overmap fleet control, factions, and battles

June 2020, Week 2

+ Fleet Orders and Ship Detail panels WIP
+ A bunch of new natural items
+ Refined research progression to get the player to space faster

June 2020, Week 1

+ Game saving
+ Full supply chain
+ Larger factories
+ Ships move on the overmap

May 2020, Week 4

+ Many new buildings
+ Can launch ships into space
+ Polish all around and about 20 bugfixes

July 2018, Week 2

+ Drag and drop to create ship blueprints
+ Ships have all kinds of stats
+ Assign blueprints to shipyards for production

July 2018, Week 1

+ Build things to gather resources for you
+ Build factories to make stuff for you
+ Build ships to do nothing yet
+ Watch numbers go up
- There's no gameplay yet