Deadeye Deepfake Simulacrum

September 2022, Week 2

+ Added breaker box computer that can shut off lights featured webm related
+ Updated tutorial to be more straight forward.
+ You can now get a pet worm for your apartment named Squirmy
+ Massively optimized time manipulation audio pitch shifting
+ Overhauled the train level
+ Network graph now opens automatically if you opened it once.
+ Lots of fixes.

+ New Chronomancer Ability - rewind to the position you were standing 10 seconds ago
+ You can now put people to sleep with hacking
+ new running """animation""" when using melee
+ 5 new passive perks. You can use two of these to play the game as a mad bomber who bombs the entire screen at once.
+ Added the traveling_salesman NPC and their secret shop
+ Overhauled zombie cabin mission

Thank you everyone who left me feedback for DD :))

August 2022, Week 3

+ Finished the main questline + credits roll + the most up-its-own-ass writing in any video game
+ 2 new missions
+ New damage reduction difficulty slider
+ Enemies gift rewards for pacifist mission runs
+ New martial arts perks that upgrade your kick
+ New aoe life drain ability
+ Lots of fixes

June 2022, Week 5

+ Posted the latest beta version to demo day with lots of new levels. Includes 75% of what I want done for early access in October.
+ Added new xray and stun grenade types.
+ Adjusted grenade generation params to result
+ Added ability to sleep in bed to pass time
+ Added mouse wheel zoom to mini map
+ greatly optimized hacking UI
+ Stun duration now scales from damage.
+ Added optional hint to tutorial door """puzzle"""
+ Added new secret encounter in Proc Gen Missions
+ Added a fade effect to dropped melee weapons
+ Added new helipad dialogue encounter

June 2022, Week 2

+ v0.6
+ Added a giant new mission for the closed beta.
+ Added ability to pay off your debt and reach the debt ending + credits if you want
+ Added a new secret class.
+ Improved upgrade system, you can now upgrade your skeletons and grenades
+ Improved shop and armory UI to show full names of each stat
+ Added a new type of hacking enemy
- lots of bug fixes

May 2022, Week 1

+ Added ability to 'curse' refill stations so that they debuff enemies (and yourself) on use.
+ Updated lighting and floor render stuff so that colors are less washed out than before.
+ Lots of UI optimization. Still more to do but it should make a big difference on toasters.
+ Enemies now alerted by friendly gunfire. Previously disabled due to now resolved performance issues. Guns are about half as loud to compensate for this.
+ New visual effect when enemies fail to call for help.
+ Finished a big new level for the closed beta.

January 2022, Week 2

+ Added melee weapons system and 22 melee weapons to play around with
+ Retooled hacking punishments to feel more fair and appease prettysober-kun
+ Added 9 new passive perks, one for all existing classes.
+ Updated cosmetics menu.
+ Added consumables and pickups.
+ Got the first ~50% of the game totally hooked up and ready to go, gonna release it in a 5$ preview build on itch at the end of the month
+ Made three new classes (knight, necromancer, accountant) with 6 abilities and 2 perks each, they'll be in the preview build.
+ Prototyped mounts and vehicles, should be ready for the preview build too.
- Congrats to everyone to made it to demo day this month :^) To those that didn't there's always next month :^))

October 2021, Week 1

+ Added MGS style alert notification above enemies when they enter combat for the first time
+ Improved generated weapon fire rate variety
+ Made a party level where you can talk to a bunch NPCs and nothing goes wrong :))

September 2021, Week 4

+ Hackable computers now kick you out if they're destroyed like bullets do. This applies to turrets, cyborgs, and drones.
+ Piloted enemies can now interact with refill stations and pick up weapons off the ground.
+ Fixed some issues with the minimap, should better track moving computers now and perform better too.
+ Added new 2 new tilesets to BBS missions and Deluge arenas.
+ Constructed a non-violent party mission where you just talk to people and have a nice time and nothing goes wrong :)

August 2021, Week 3

+ added a new song to the survival mode, gifted by an anonymous donor
+ drastically improved AI friendly fire avoidance
+ fixed a bunch of bugs involving abilities
+ passive sounds on monsters now stop playing on death.

August 2021, Week 2

+ Fixed a bunch of bugs associated with hacker enemies fighting multiple factions at once.
+ Camera warning lights are now white by default, flip to red when you've triggered them
+ Improved line of sight mesh to fix weird stuttering and ugly gaps when moving away from walls.
+ Aim guide now enabled by default
+ Fixed some bugs that allowed you to hack doors through walls in specific circumstances.
+ Lots of other minor stuff
+ Finished the secrets for three story missions not featured in the demo.

Couldn't sleep so decided to do some bug hunting. Latest build it up on itch with these fixes, will probably make its way to steam tomorrow or the day after.

July 2021, Week 2

+ Added ability to sprint with Spacebar, along with message in tutorial
+ Enemy AI will now use the sprint when travelling to far off places, and sometimes when moving into cover
+ Added new weapon serialization stuff, shouldn't change anything now but allows for future upgrade system to work
+ Fixed a bug where the Chronomancer Trace ability would degrade your weapon
+ Modified apartment line of sight to match other areas
+ Improved apartment bathroom mirror so it reflects everything, looks very pretty now :)
+ Fixed a bug where user would sometimes drift past marker in intro sequence
+ Boosted min generated speed by 25% and adjusted scaling values
+ Spelling fixes, dialogue adjustments

Check out the demo day with recent changes here (◕‿◕)