May 2022, Week 3

Quest and monster kill XP adjustments (halfed creature xp since quests now give xp)
Missing dialogue animations added
Save button
written lastius and denzel faction dialogue
merged options and keybind menu into one
Audio sliders
Final Dialogue system adjustments
Fixed issue with alternate dialogue areas
Character screen now shows joined campname correctly
Once again all attacks should register
Multihit shouldn't work anymore
Setup missing Allies
Loading screen now displays additional information about the save, instead of only a debug number
Fixed Pirate Smitty not having a texture assigned
Added an extremely shitty door 'puzzle' to the castle
Traders only pay half what an items worth now
Fixed Adol having a few issues with his life again
theoretically enemies will loose interest if you run away far enough, but seems to not really work right now
NPCs will equip correct weapons again
Dead enemies should now definetly be unable to hit you

May 2022, Week 2

Reduced Attribute Points per level from 10 to 3
Longer loading screen on new game to mask initial lag
Opening Options menu no longer deletes saves
Earlier loading screen
Max Combat range for enemies including de-aggro message for humans
NPCs Threaten correctly when you enter forbidden Areas again
Torch particles
Dead enemies hitting you fixed
multiple weapons equipped at once fixed
deathzone and clouds in tutorial ruin
switch text permanently visible fixed
Dialogue issues fixed
Added another way to get into the city
Ambient sound during intro dialogue
Skybox adjusted
Increased Falldamage

April 2022, Week 4

More Soundeffects
Enemies no longer parry
Key rebinding menu
Load game menu
Save Game menu
Pirate terrain
Generic Information updates
Adjusted NPC ambient messages
Named NPCs
A bunch of Dialogue
Removed Tutorial screens again
Can interact with Pomaoplushes again
Particle Effects
Fixed Player being able to interact through walls
Fixed Physics for weapons of dead creatures
If you kill someone it'll still notify their Allies now
Fixed Issue with Camera being moveable when in menues
When hitting a knocked out creature, it no longer instantly counterattacks
Other minor Bugfixes and Adjustments

Just cleaning up my todo list.

March 2022, Week 4

Journal display no longer activates when hidden questflags activate
You no longer punch nearby people when casting magic
More balancing
Fixed NPCs not saying anything again after getting their stuff stolen
Fixed Item pickup collisions
Fixed Item Inheritance issues with quivers
Fixed wrongly rotated NPC interaction items
replaced broken sitting chairs with nonbroken ones
Adjusted Creatures movespeed
If you steal from people eating, they will now equip their weapons instead of trying to beat you up with whatever they're eating
Apparently fixed being knocked out forever yet again
Maybe fixed Weapons sometimes not registering hits? (again)
Dead/Unconscious NPCs no longer shout at you when you steal their stuff
Dead/Unconscious NPCs no longer rotate towards you when you loot them
Fixed Musicplayer not being able to swap between overlapping adjacent playlists
Fixed Player combat recognition
Fixed Issue with new weapon collisions allowing you to pick up your own weapon from your back for duplication
Began work on castledungeon
Minor Bugfixes and Adjustments
Didn't realize you ment me, in that case, heres the morning Progress, just so you can make Progress yourself. Now I need to get back to finding fitting music and soundeffects.

March 2022, Week 3

Added a Bunch of new Soundeffects
UI now displays if you get a new journal entry
UI Sounds for Leveling up and getting a new journal entry
Torch Sounds
Fixed Enemies just threatening you roughly a million times at once and then immediately attacking you, instead of waiting for their threatanimation to finish before playing the next
Fixed Issue with NPCs sometimes just not being able to walk after making changes to the Game
Ambient Sounds
Textured Owl statue
Textured Playership
Finished Farm/CrashedTrain Terrain
Floating Perimeter Obelisks
Castle Ruins
Setup Forest Temple Entry
FinalTower Island
Added remaining Magic spells
Minor Bugfixes and Adjustments

Magic bugfixes
Alternate Dialog Areas for more advanced Quest progression
Adjusted Weapon collisions to CCD to maybe get rid of them sometimes not dealing Damage
Adjusted AI in order for it to immediately draw their weapons upon being hit
Runes no scale their damage with your Mysticism attribute like other weapons with str/foc/myt
Fixed Skeletons and other aggressive enemies failing to realize the target they are trying to kill is actually the target they are trying to kill
Minor Bugfixes and Adjustments
Thank you I kind of needed that, today was a low day, I found more old Bugs reoccuring that I thought I had fixed then actually fixed new ones. Maybe tomorrow will be better.I'll try to not dissapoint next DD.

March 2022, Week 2

Creatures no longer prioritize attacking their Allies over their Enemies when those are too close
NPCs can now see in a bigger radius to determine when their Items get stolen (read:behind them thanks to some messed up root motions)
Most Items in the City now have their correct owners look after them
Humans now display their Threaten/Helping/etc. messages again instead of just saying nothing and starting to wail on the player
NPCs now equip their weapons before beating the player up when they catch her stealing their stuff instead of using their fists
If you enter a forbidden Area, the NPCs looking after that will now warn you to leave instead of instantly trying to kill you
Dead enemies will no longer hit you back once before dying
Mana cost will be displayed now.
Tutorial Texts no longer scale weirdly
Loading game while inside certain trigger volumes will no longer lock Input until you open and close the Systemsmenu
Crystal is now a proper Key
Tutorial Texts no longer have bugged scaling
Can hold down RMB to continuosly buy/sell/loot/consume Items
Knocked out player will no longer hold their Torch in the Air
Fixed Player being able to be knocked out forever by NPCs (again)
NPCs now have correct Inventories and Weapons assigned to them
Kobolds now have a small Place to hide in the Forest
Minor Bugfixes and Adjustments

March 2022, Week 1

Adjusted Ambient Lighting in IntroRuin slightly
Added Spotlights to highlight certain important areas/items in intro area
Fixed some issues with a few of the Enemies not being able to move
Added Tutorial textdumps to educate lost players and annoy them (text is still too small, but should be readable fullscreen)
Increased torch duration to proper 15 minutes instead of 100 seconds
Fixed wrong text being displayed on the debug level up potion in the intro.
Added a ton more torches for debugging purposes.
UE4 Currently building new Demoday builds, should be live this evening, so Tomoko pic instead.

February 2022, Week 1

New Weapon/Enemy/Armor balancing
Player can gain HP/MP per level again
Experience Potions since intended Levelcap got raised from 10 to 20 (mostly for easier testing purposes )
More new Plant textures
More Bushes trees and other vegetation
more Rocks
Moss decals
Setup new Stat enhancing plants
Fixed Moss appearing on worn weapons/armor and on creatures themselves when walking through moss decals
Game now waits between a random amount of time between playing music tracks to not endlessly loop in the background and be less annoying
King's Stonehenge
Fixed new Tree collision
Darkened Nights a bit more
Reduced AI dodge/block chances by half
Fixed AI dodging way too early
Fixed some issues with AI threatening from too far away once you got to close once
new possible NPC variations
Blood Decals ( only statics for now, maybe when getting hit later )
Vases/Amphores/Crates/etc. doodads
Added a bunch of NPCs to the town ( no dialogue yet )
increased falldamage

January 2022, Week 3

Fixed Adol ( and other NPCs) occasionally having their Dialog camera break
Fixed Adol not having his Name displayed
Fixed RMB using all consumables in the Inventory at once
Disabled VR and Oculus support in hopes of fixing Steam overlay issues
Enemies now move forward during their Attack in order to extend their Reach
Player only takes half a step back when blocking and then returns to his old position, instead of taking a full step backwards in order to allow easier counterhits
Enemies no longer jump backwards when being blocked, but instead get stunned in place, also to allow for easier counterhitting
Fixed issue with Maggots not getting stunned when being blocked
Increased Falldamage
Creatures that are getting hit while being stunned break out of their Stun now.
More Dialog animations
Added Desireable navigation Areas ( Pathways etc.) which will be prefered by the AI if possible.
Fixed some Sounds missing Attenuation settings
Fixed issue with first 1H Attack activating hitboxes too late
Creatures no longer dodge when in front of a wall or cliff
Some creatures ( Humanoids with Weapons ) can now also block your attacks instead of just dodging, stunning you in the Process, just like you do to them
Redid Creature AI (again) using BT now
Certain Interactions ( like sleeping i.e. ) can now block creatures from seeing or hearing anything
Renamed Learnpoints to Attribute Points for now
Adjusted some Flicker thanks to Overlap
Disabled a bunch of Networking Plugins to hopefully remove the Firewall access request
Creatures and Player shouldn't get knocked out for infinite amounts of Time anymore
New Looting Animation for NPCs when they take back their Stolen stuff from you
Core AI Rework to eliminate most AI related Bugs
Can't Jump anymore while being knocked down - pressing space while now also attempt to stand back up first
(more didn't fit, included in next Progress Post once I get back into it)

Can't fall through the Floor anymore in certain Situations
Allied AI Agents no longer start attacking each other instead of the Player
Animated Wolfrat and put it into Game
AI can once again display ambient Dialog messages in certain conditions
AI can call allies to help again

January 2022, Week 1

Textured Trainwiz Robe
Added medium and heavy Landsknecht Armor
another NPC body ( old man with short beard )
Fixed Trainwiz being immune to arrows
Fixed some issue with Torch animation blending being to aprupt
Replaced Ue4 Tileview with custom tileview to allow scrollbar editing for future possibilities in Inventory.
Kobold Enemy (unfinshed)
Death animations for enemies instead of ragdolling

Creatures are now immune to being stunned by a hit for a small time (2s) after getting stunned by a previous hit to avoid easy stunlocking ( doesn't happen when stunned thanks to being blocked )
Missing animations for Kobold to look a bit more feral
Reworked interaction system
Added Magic quickslots
Equipped Magic weapons for the player are saved correctly
Fixed some remaining issues and bugs with magic quickslots
Placed a bunch of enemies and healing items around the unfinished forest to allow more opportunities to test combat for DD
Overstatted all creatures to adjust a little bit for the Player starting with basically maxed out everything for Combat testing
Overpowered healing/mana potions and healing scrolls to adjust for overwhelming combat testing health and mana
Kobolds now correctly have their Stick drawn when first encountering them
Kobold Texture
Various other adjustments for Demoday

December 2021, Week 5

More environment work
Cave Lighting Volumes
Sounds when using Items from the inventory, equipping Armor or weaponry, or drawing your weapons
Fixed some minor issues with Guards just holding their Hands weirdly in front instead of properly crossing their Arms
Fixed clipping issues with NPC Medium Knight and Druid Armor, aswell as a misaligned part on one of the peasant shirts
Static Sounds for some animations
Reworked Lighting (again)
New Transition curve for day/night cycle, causing days to feel longer and dawn/dusk more impactful
More seperation in Cave Volumes for better transition between caves and outdoors
Footsteps, changing based on which material you walk on
Fixed issues with sound volume not adjusting based on distance
Weapon Trails

NPC Models for missing Knight and Pirate Armors
Fixed issues with Inventory render targets
Fixed wrongly assigned names and descriptions for some weapons
Fixed some wrongly assigned physicsmaterials and added missing ones
Adjusted footstep volumes
Music System, with different playlists for day / night and if you're in a special volume ( caves, forest, ruins, etc.)
Smoother fading between musical areas
Fixed some Soundeffect timings
Fixed Magic system
Torch items
Caves are a tiny bit lighter now so you can actually see at least something without light (its still pretty much useless to go in without a lightsource)
AreaVolumes now can set individual desired GI and Light Intensity, not all caves need to be equally dark anymore
Can't deposit loot in dead people anymore
Can't sell equipped items anymore
Torches now only hold a fixed Time and actually Illuminate the Area once lit
Fixed torch equip animation
Owlwiz Armor and light Landsknecht Armor done
Removed old and unused AttackData and HitActorComponent Code to speed up attack calculations and eliminate performance issue
Fixed ranged weapons not displaying last hit creature
Dead enemies don't ragdoll anymore but play their death animation if they have one (or stand in place weirdly if I haven't made their animation yet)
Fixed Weapons not falling to the ground and being lootable when owner died
Removed lag on Dying creatures
Can no longer try and loot dead bodies without anything in them, in order to make it easier/possible to pickup Items under them
Dropped Weapons can be picked up Again
Reduced project memory size by ~60%

Last Progress Post of 2021, I'm too burned out to fix anymore Bugs today. But I'm happy to have fixed some major once, especially the performance issues

When NPC rotates during interaction, dialog camera now swaps to a different view to still show his face when being talked to
Fixed Footsteps not playing when the Floor angle is too steep
Creatures that get hit during interaction should no longer fall through the floor
Arms no longer move when dying while having a weapon equipped
Creatures that get hit during interaction no longer ignore their attacker in order to try and stand up properly first, instead they immediately get knocked out of it
Jump Sound now only plays once when actually jumping not everytime the jump button is pressed
Creatures will now prefer certain paths over othes ( read humans will rather take the bridge then walk through the river if it isn't too much of a detour )
Torch carrying Animation
Fixed Humans falling backwards when dying having weird artifacts due to animation displacement
Changed Damage Types to sharp and blunt, since enemies never use range attacks and thus armor has more value
Fixed System messages not displaying correctly
Added a simple loading screen image to new game to mask the transition
Fixed Pomaodevs weird obsession with Arrowquivers

Fixed Error message display when equipping weapons while just meeting requirements
Can't open Inventory when knocked out anymore
Can't be knocked out for immensely long times anymore when getting overkilled by huge amounts
Can't be knocked out forever when getting destroyed while in the middle of an attack or otherwise immobilizing action
AI can't dodge anymore while being stunned
Creatures now only try to dodge if you're facing them and are in weapon range
Adjusted Weapon and Creature Attack Radii
Can walk over Corpses again
When a Creature gets too close to another one which it is defensive or agressive towards it will now immediately enter combat instead of threatening the Player to leave first
Equip sounds for all Armor pieces
Equip sounds for sharp weapons
Shooting sound for bows and crossbows
Dead Creatures no longer block the way
Maggots are now stupid and super agressive towards everything, not trying to dodge or intimitate opponents first, just going in and attacking

I know, I'm a failure.

December 2021, Week 4

More work on City
Began working on Post Process Mat to get better lighting results
Finished all new Weapons apart from Flavortexts/Itemdescriptions
New higher res textures for Things that had Textures with too low resolution
Finished missing Textures
Fixed Collision issues with some Trees (again)
Bow Animations
Redid Crossbow animations
Finished all Armors apart from Flavortexts/Itemdescriptions
Put Denzel in and setup his Routine
EarthLizard next to Ruins no longer cry for help when getting hit, allowing player to pull singles with ranged weapons
Fixed Issue with NPCs just running into things instead of interacting with them
Blocking now tries to parry enemy attack stunning them briefly on hit, allowing for a save counterattack
Removed various Debug Messages
Items now need to be in Line of Sight to be pickable
Fixed some Items not being pickupable anymore because of the new LoS check
Resized Weaponmodels a bit
Fixed Equipped Items blocking the LoS to pickable Items
Added Owl
Fixed Camera crosshair issues
New Bird Enemy
Reworked Combat Animations
More work on Titlescreen
Reworked landing Animations
Directional Attacks
Adjusted Candle brightness from Sun-bright to candle-bright
That one single Stonestands light near the road is no longer broken
Player can't eviscerate people with her bare hands anymore
Blocking now correctly stuns enemies, preventing them from doing any action for a while or until hit with a damaging hit

New NPC basic body models and textures ( shorter pants as another option, multiple pant colors )
Fixed some Armor clipping issues on NPCs
Some NPC Clothing
Second Town Entrance
Basic Creature Sound System
Some animation sounds for swinging weapons, drinking things etc. ( not all done yet)
Fixed some more Lighting issues
Fixed some Texture issues
CoalPillar Things for ruins
Lizardmen Skeleton and parts
Fixed some skeleton issues with Animations causing humanoids to be squashed to player size

Merry Christmas Anon!

Your fortune: The poster above you has been very very naughty!

November 2021, Week 4

Fixed TPose during some attacks
Added final attack to the combos with longer recovery time
Adol no longer turns 180 on his log before talking to you
Increase falling height in Intro Ruin to make it clearer that you're not ment to climb back up
Removed additional lanterns from the gameworld, now players can't equip multiple lanters at once
Can no longer walk through the interior wall of the Pyramid with the Crystal in it
Translated missing key text to english
Players can no longer prematurely cancel interacting with things to cut the animation short
Began Filling out the Areas for Liqs Quest
Simple Credit Screen
Only the 10 newest Sysmessages are displayed instead of all, so no longer endless "not enough Strength"messages when spamclicking in inventory
Ranged Attacks correctly display health loss now.
Murdering people no longer locks controls
Eating/Drinking something from Inventory should no longer lock the player out if they close the Inventory before the animation finishes
No longer able to interact/grab items through walls, now only able if theres a direct LoS between creature Head and target Center
Figured out Issue with Navmesh causing Adol not to be able to go to bed
Began detailing out the City in preperation to finally add some new content

November 2021, Week 1

Translated Intro Dialog to English
Fixed Fistfighting doing more damage then most weapon ( now does consistently 1 damage only ) ( instead of this it needs to scale on some kind of Strength, so animals do viable damage instead of only doing 1 dmgg ) <- just have it be str only, and weapons do weaponDMG + str, adjust health accordingly
Fixed Wild animals talking to you when threatening you to leave their Area
Adjusted Monster/Item/NPC/Player stats
Adjusted Ambient Threaten/Protection/Thievery messages
Removed Poise from Interfaces, as the stat no longer exists ingame
Adjusted some Interface text
Began Work on Title Screen backdrop
Particle Effect on Ruin Crystal
Finished new Player Texture
Fixed Issue with parts of the Poise System still remaining causing Player to not flinch when getting hit

Now all thats left is some minor adjustments, removing som edebug lines/text, and then building for DD

Can no longer try to equip melee weapon by using the range weapon equipping button when no range weapon is equipped
Can now draw equipped ranged weapons when no melee weapon is equipped
Crossbow bolts are no longer dealing an overpowered 1000 damage, but now 1 damage as intended
NPC names are no longer visible endlessly after knocking them down, but only when in range
NPCs can now punch again and actually deal damage doing so
Stealing works again
StateActors no longer change states randomly during loading
Selling ArrowPouches no longer seems to copy them

There are still Bugs left, but those aren't in the Content that's supposed to be finished by DD, so I can fix them later. Apart from one visual bug that I'm just too lazy to fix right now, so it's gonna be in the DD build

October 2021, Week 4

Finished Pomao's new hut
Finished new Intro Layout
Fixed to many dust particles being created
Added Giant Wurm Skeleton for Maggots to have a place to hang out
Maggot enemies now fully in engine and placed around Wurm skeleton
Loading the Game while having a weapon equipped no longer equips it twice
Using Items no longer shoots a bolt when a crossbow is equipped
Removed retarded poise system, now blocking simply does no damage to the one blocking instead of stunning both parties
Ranged Weapons no longer always force you to have the projectile in the inventory ( so you don't need fireballs in your inventory to shoot them )
Carrying a weapon no longer overrides arm movement while falling to high
Replaced Generic Key with Magic Crystal for intro ruins
Placed all Enemies inside Intro Ruins
Added a lot of new Weapon Models ( only the models from the asset pack, not in game yet )
Added a weapon of each current type at the spawn to allow better testing
Made it easier to climb Pomaodevs Roof
Added some doodads and Earth to the Wurmtunnel in the Intro Ruin, so it feels more "alive"
Placed some Mushrooms around
Magic Particles for Spellscrolls and other magical stuff

October 2021, Week 2

Added Nests for Lizards, eggs, dead trees and other doodads
Fixed shading issues on Crossbow and parts of the Terrain
New Room added to the Intro part
New Stone things for more ambience along paths
Smaller Crossbow
Fixed AI again
Ambient Dust and Firefly Particles
Ancient Wallpainting Decals
Can't block with Ranged Weapons anymore
A few adjustment on different light sources
Equipped Armor and Weapons no longer block your own projectiles from flying out
Slider for when light and heavy fall montage change for better control over it
When falling from too high fallmontage now also correctly overwrites arm usage from weapons
Opening Coin Pouches etc. now also shows the new item being added in the currently open Inventory visually
Lantern now gets marked as equipped/unequipped correctly if it is equipped/unequipped
reduces lethal falling height from 25m to 20m
Began working on Pomaodevs new hut

Also, Thank you Damaskus-dev for all the great music

September 2021, Week 4

Ranged weapons can now only be used if at least 1 ammo is available, and attacking will consume it
Projectiles will now spawn at the right location instead of in the player
When drawing/stowing Ranged weapons, the crosshair will now enable/disable correctly
Equipped Ranged Weapons will now be saved correctly
Projectile now flies with given speed into Aim direction
Projectiles correctly calculate and damage other Creatures on hit, or break when hitting terrain
Fixed Issue with equipped Weapons not always being added into the Players Inventory after loading
Fixed Issue with Armor not being added to Inventory when being told to be added to Inventory
Still thinking about how to access the Crosshair being blocked by the Player model situation, wether I want to keep it as is, fade out the player model around it, shift the camera to the side when in ranged combat mode or something else

Worked on building up motivation to fix and add missing animations
Thought up some ideas for Ranged / Melee weapon designs to model and add next
Player can now pick up Coinpouches / Ammopouches to add multiple of the same item at once instead of always having to pick everything up individually
Some design work on Map Doodads ( not modelled yet )
Began thinking of a new tutorial area design
Thought up some new more "Fantasy" sounding names for NPCs

September 2021, Week 3

Split Knockdown timings for getting knocked unconscious and falling from to height into seperate values for finer control
Moving during Blocking is no longer possible
Reduced range between EarthLizards observing potential threats and reacting to them
Creatures should no longer just stand on their preferred combat range for an indefinite amount of time waiting for the player to make a move sometimes, but always take some kind of action after a certain time to not cause scared players to potentially stay in combat forever
Creatures should now focus their attention only to potentially dangerous threats, instead of looking confused at their allies when any danger comes close
Apparently you can execute people while already executing them, resulting in double the experience. Still working on replicating the Bug
Creatures getting Struck in combat can now (sometimes correctly) call their friends to help if they have any

Unconscious creatures no longer rotate towards the player when getting looted
Pickup/Interact Highlights should no longer appear while in combat stance
Minor Adjustments to various methods for a better flow
Players can now equip and use melee and ranged weapons simultanously ( still some minor things to be added here )

Player now puts his weapons away if he is accessing his inventory
Player no longer softlocks when opening Inventory exactly while drawing a weapon
Now only hides Weapons held in your hand when consuming items, instead of all weapons
Creatures can no longer draw a ranged weapon if they have none equipped
Inventory now correctly displays all equipped weapons/Armor as equipped
Unequipping a single weapon no longer unequips the other type aswell
Inventory now displays all keys you can press to draw the specific weapon ( based on its type and user settings )
Inventory no longer displays the amount of an item you have in the stack if the stack is only 1 item high ( so weapons i.e. dont always display a small 1 in the bottom left, since they cant stack )

September 2021, Week 2

More Work on New Map
Finished Layout of the Intro Dungeon
Added small Falldamage trap to Intro Dungeon for Unaware people to fall into
Added attachable Belt lanterns to clear the darkness ( aren't marked as equipped yet when opening the Inventory, AttachAnimation needs to be mirrored, as socket is on the other side of the pelvis )
Creatures now check for overlapping actors on beginPlay
Added Keyholes ( switches that require a certain Item in Inventories to work )
Doors now Slide open when their switch is activated instead of teleporting open
Fixed Issue with Switches not Rotating Actors correctly
Fixed Keyholes displaying the wrong Interaction Headline
Dialog Choices can now also require QuestHints to be not known and/or items to be not owned in order to be displayed
Modelled, Unwrapped and Weighted new EarthLizard Enemy
Textured EarthLizard Enemy
Animated EarthLizard Enemy
setup EarthLizard Enemy in Engine
Fixed AI not working on non-human Creatures
Fixed Attacking not working when target is already overlapping the attack hitbox
Fixed Interaction not working when target is already overlapping the interact hitbox
Removed Captain, added back Pomaodev
Added Parts of Pomaodevs new Hut
Added Intro Dialog for Pomaodev
Made Key Model and Added Key into the Game properly, instead of Placeholder Bread
Made Door Model and Added into the Game properly
Pomaodev Tutorial Character now gets removed correctly once Player moves far enough into the ruins
Written First Part of MainQuest that walks through the Tutorial
Fix EarthLizard corpses not displaying name/highlight when dead
Fixed falldown animation sometimes playing multiple times
Fix InteractionAnimation playing if the player is missing the correct item
Fixed Fallmontage playing when ending animations

Fixed One Dialog Line focusing the wrong person
Dialog now can display some ending Text before closing if you select a choice without follow-up choices
Changed Ancient Stonewalls from Greyish to a more brownish tone ( might change back again )
Fixed Player "name" appearing in textboxes spoken by the player instead of not displaying a name
Fixed some Bugs with Material Highlighting
Increased Falldamage Lethality height drastically ( might reduce a bit later )
"Fixed" EarthLizard Eating Spots not working correctly (Just redid it exactly the same, now it works )
Fixed Issue with Navmesh not having correct MaxSlope Angle causing NPCs to be unable to walk over certain Stairs
Adjusted Agressiveness and Sensing-Radius of Tutorial Enemy, so you can't just ignore him as easily
Fixed Player getting Softlocked when moving during pressing Switches

July 2021, Week 5

More work on the new Map
Player can now interact with Interactables again without breaking it
When the Player sleeps in beds, he can skip some time and restore his health if he chooses that Dialog option
Player can now Toggle Run and Walk if desired, using Shift/Strg
Creatures can no longer be talked to when in Combat or threatening the Player
When Attacked during Dialog, Creatures will now close that Dialog ( if they are a part of it, doesn't work when Player is attacked yet )
Threat messages and Enemy healthbars don't last as long on HUD as before

Began Work on the Intro/Tutorial Area
More Work on the new Map
Creatures can now have Allies which support them in Combat
Surrounding Creatures that are interested should now observe Fights going on, and give out Dialog
Creatures that get hit now also close TradeScreens, not only Dialogs they're part of ( also works for player now )
Creature AI no longer wanders off when Trading with the Player, even if the trade is not initialized through Dialog for some reason
Switches and their corresponding Objects now save and load their states correctly

July 2021, Week 4

Dialog Choices now have requirements you may need to fullfill before they are being displayed
You can now get/complete quests and gain/loose xp or items through Dialog
If you gain or loose items (apart from picking them up or buying) it will now be displayed on the HUD
Fixed nauseating camera jigger during Dialog
Adjusted 8 Directional dodging instead of rotating into the desired direction and then dodging forward
Fixed Sickles using their backside to hit instead of only the sharp side
Fixed Combat Hitboxes overlapping undesired things
Found bug with very first hit in the game using fists sometimes not registering
Began Layout of the PyramidValley Intro Area
Added Stairs instead of ramps
reworked world aligned textures to also take into account object rotation, fixing some minor graphical issues
Reworked Dodge animations to look a bit better (hopefully)
Falling from too high will now alter players fall animation and force him to stand up once he hit the ground to hard, instead of just landing as normally
Added JumpStart/Jumpland animations
Added Animations for lying on the floor ( either dead/unconscious or for whatever else reason) aswell as their standing up animations

Fixed some weird animations issues with strafing
Maybe fixed player sliding along the floor thanks to animations being too slow
Adjusted Weapon hitboxes
Added Cowardly behaviour for AI
Re-added AI ability to attack and block
Creatures can now Dodge your attacks either pre-emptively or after they already got hit, if they aren't as fast in recognizing
Creatures that are knocked down thanks to falling from too high or receiving too much nonlethal damage will now try to stand up as fast as possible instead of giving up and lying down forever

Added delay to standing up after falling / after getting knocked unconscious
disabled certain menus while unconscious
creatures will now knock you unconscious instead of killing you if you have specific tags
Fixed some issues with being able to continue walking when holding down walking while jumping and landing from high heights
When you attack while an unconscious creature is right in front of you, you will actively murder it instead of just attacking ( only if there are no other combatants in front of you, as to not interrupt combat)
Fixed Issue with weapon carry mode changing when falling from high enough to take damage, but not high enough to fall flat on your face
Fixed Issue being able to draw your weapon while falling down, causing ugly animation glitches
Creatures return to their default behaviour if they knocked you unconscious instead of continuing to try and hit your body
Creatures you knocked unconscious don't try to kill you for the rest of their lives anymore
Items can now have owners, which try to knock you out if they see you take it, and if they succeed take it back ( no looting animation yet tho)
Fixed Issue where Players would kill themselves rather then getting knocked out by their enemy

You can now rob unconscious people
Continued work on the New Map
Creatures now take an amount of your cash, depending on how much of a thug they are when they knock you out, in addition to all the items you stole from them
You can no longer continue looting unconscious creatures after they have woken back up
Ambient Dialog/Text can now be displayed in the Generic HUD without Creatures being forced to talk to you
Creatures who get robbed / try to intimidate you and have actual text to say ( read: humans ) will now use the above AmbientText function to do so.
Far away Creatures (100+ meters ) will regenerate to full around midnight, to simulate them sleeping to regenerate health, instead of staying on low health for the remainder of the game

July 2021, Week 3

Fixed Inventory dublicating some items on loading the game
Added option to close any kind of menu by pressing any of the other menu buttons aswell
Fixed Quests not being saved/loaded in correctly
Fixed Wine getting eaten not drunk
Fixed some NPCs not charging for stuff when you buy it
Slowed down player a bit to hopefully improve sliding issues
Began working on the new and improved Map ( less weird inclines to get stuck on, more recognizable landmarks/ layout to find your way easier, more verticality to fall off and die from)
Fixed some issues with water clipping through itself
Rewrote AI from Scratch to hopefully be bugfree now ( combat mode currently wip )
Fixed Creatures standing up when being talked to
Dialog now starts AFTER the creature has stopped interacting and turned to the player, not during
Creatures that get hit no longer teleport their weapons in their hands, but have to actually draw them first
Changed Inventory controls from "leftclick select, right click use", to "hover select, click use" keyboard bindings should still work unchanged
Reworked Monologue to choice driven Dialogues
DialogPartners turn to each other, even when not interacting with something
Dialog now displays name of creatures again, based on who's talking right now
Dialog specific cameras and Animations exist again
Dialog backdrops now hide when nothing is to display
Player now turns towards whoever she's talking to
Systems and Character menu now pause the game when in them
Deathscreen should no longer overlap other Widgets
Non-accessible UI now closes when open before dying
Re-added Waterwave options to Watershader
Selecting Dialog Choices now highlights them properly
Dialog choices no longer get scaled weird when there's too much room for them

July 2021, Week 2

Cleaned up Combat a bit ( hopefully Hitboxes and Attacks don't feel as broken anymore )
Inventory is now sorted
AI now prefers waiting in a safe distance when not attacking instead of always hugging the player
AI now is cautious of approaching creatures before deciding wether to fight them or not ( some extra radius where they stop eating/sleeping/whatever, and start observing the creature that just came by)
Fixed issue with wrong items being picked up instead of latest to be in range
added Item highlighting on being able to pick up
Potentially Fixed Save/Load issues
Reduced Health back to Normal values since Saving/Loading seems to be working for now

Fixed Interaction markers showing in combat
Fixed dead enemies not being immediately lootable but requiring re-entering their range
Fixed equipped items after loading not being marked as equipped
Added Workaround for Displaying which Quest is currently selected in the Questlog
Fixed AI cancelling their work when someone they don't care came to close / moved to far away
Added a Debug Game over Screen for clarity
Adjusted AI Attack timings to better work with the new block system
( Changed Poise damage to fully apply to enemies and apply half to self when blocking )
Lightened Caves up a bit
Disabled being able to save when dead

July 2021, Week 1

made textures for books
Added more Vegetation
First balancing pass
Translated Texts
Setup AI friends and enemies
Added Lights to Bar and Farmhouses
Adjusted DayNight Timings
Fixed Spikepigs and Bunnies getting stuck in the Air after ending an interaction
Found even more bugs in the AI
Deleted Global Post Processing that wasn't doing anything useful

Setup Questrewards correctly
adjusted speed of Spikepigs
Fixed NPCs not stopping to rotate towards player when Dialog ends, causing them to sometimes sit in the air
Fixed Quests giving 1 Item to much in rewards (i.e. 2 maps instead of 1)
Fixed Hitboxes not always deactivating after getting struck while swinging, causing weapons to just hit everything they touch
Added Post Process volumes to caves so player can see in them
Removed weird looking fog for now
Added Map Item ( non functional for now )

moved blocking to real blocking instead of parrying to better work with my messed up combat
increased stun duration on poise break for you and enemies
moved camera closer
Textured Spikepigs
Textured Skeletons
Texture a lot of different furniture items and doodads
placed some buckets
adjusted AI to not strike in fixed intervalls but a bit random
Setup AI to sometimes try to block (going into a defensive stance, not reacting to enemies attacks)
Fixed object values resetting on any change in the project
Fixed wrong text appearing during trade/loot window
Fixed Rendertargets for items not rendering in packaged build
Fixed other issues related to building for DD
Increased Player health to account for poor/missing feedback in combat thanks to shit animations and no sound, and missing load function
Uploaded this mess to DD

Adjusted Inventory controls ( Left click now selects items, consumes only if already selected, right click immediately selects and consumes, right click only seems to work with double clicking in trade Inventory for some reason, I'm looking into that)
Changed debug title backdrop to include short control and "intro" text to allow players to more easily find their way while its a WIP
fixed fatal error when trying to sell items
fixed spam messages when trying to buy/sell item
fixed PotionshopGirls missing routine
Quartered Cloud speed
Added another Rock so that one guard doesn't get stuck when trying to reach his post

I'm not gonna upload a new build for DD, but maybe before Stream starts, depending on how much progress I make on bugfixes until then