May 2022, Week 2

Made it to demoday!

New camera system, now you can look around freely with your mouse (or your right stick if you're a true gamer and use a controller) and choose between 3 zoom levels
Buttons and gates logic is now consistent
New look for Epsilon and Chloée (the two main characters for the uniniciated)
New sounds and musics
Cool effects when you pick up collectibles (remember, you have to collect all the eggs)
Basketball minigame
New levels (mostly levels remade from scratch but still)
Still the same outdated character portraits

Next step: stop feature creeping and make more levels

You can try it here: https://itch.io/jam/agdg-demo-day-44/rate/749975
Hope you have fun!

March 2022, Week 5

New camera and aiming system using either your mouse or your controller stick or your keyboard if you're a mad man
Magic colored objects that appear when you activate a switch of the same color and go back to their spawn when you deactivate them
New levels (unfinished here)
Still didn't change the portraits
What do you mean the recap isn't monthly?

February 2022, Week 1

Updated the main characters design.
Now Epsilon:
- has actual hands
- has feet he can stand on
- isn't bald anymore, somehow
- is a manlet
- has cool two colored legs
- is lighter
- was basically already perfect, really
- isn't a potato anymore
- still won't shut up

Working on a new system for puzzle objects so you can't lose them and get stuck like an idiot but it's not quite ready yet.

January 2022, Week 3

+ Made a new level teaching the basics of buttons and doors.
+ Working on updated design for Epsilon, you can already see the new proportions but I just threw some "hair" on for now.
+ New camera mode for looking around.
+ Secret passages.
+ Pushing animation.
+ Squashed bugs (spiders aren't bugs).

November 2021, Week 4

Been busy refactoring stuff and removing old bloat. I decided to go back to the buttons' logic so things don't feel arbitrary and are easier to work with in the future. There are now small variants of buttons.
You can only push big buttons with big objects or the characters themselves, but you can push small buttons with small objects like pebbles. Also they're animated now.
There are also now two types of gates, square ones you can keep open by staying under, and pointy ones that push you out if you try that.
Now I need to rework the levels to reflect these changes.

September 2021, Week 4

To make my stay in content creation hell a little more pleasant I decided to start improving the level building process with a tool that lets me place basic stage elements on a dedicated tileset which can then be converted into the actual objects. Still needs to be improved though.
Whether it actually makes me work on levels is yet to be seen.

September 2021, Week 3

- Made it so you can press right or left against a wall to climb up ledges instead of having to press up. Seems to work pretty well.
- Fixed stuff in menus.
- Fixed (?) seams around tiles that appear on very high resolutions.
- Listed all the things I have to fix (but didn't actually fix a lot yet).

September 2021, Week 2

Hotfix for the demo to get rid of the most important bugs:
- Corrigé lignes en français
- Fixed being able to climb some spiky rock walls
- Fixed incorrect number of collectibles in library level
- Fixed Windows exe icon
- Fixed crash in Sandbox level
- Added ball in Sandbox level

Fixes for the demo:
- Save files from old demos should now correctly have the first 4 levels unlocked
- Test level shouldn't show on the world map anymore (you couldn't actually enter it so you didn't miss anything in case you're wondering)
- Worded some dialog lines better
- Controller's left stick should now work for navigating menus
- Moved the red round button in Rocks and Boxes level to fix a cheese. You could also get softlocked if you threw the rock behind the door but missed the button. The pebble now respawns if you don't pick it up for a while so you can't lose it and get yourself stuck.
- Added another ball in sandbox level

September 2021, Week 1

Got everything ready for the demoday 40 demo
New in this demo:
New overworld
2 new levels + village (unfinished)
Better menus
Better backgrounds
New sounds
New collectible that replaces lives
New doors and switches behaviors
New ball
Fixed all bugs
Created new bugs in the process
Stuff I forgot

August 2021, Week 4

Intense ball throwing action
Making new levels
Fixing old levels
New sound effects

August 2021, Week 2

Still making levels
Made some new animations and a system so I don't have to touch the spaghetti animation tree everytime I want to add one
Improved the menus
Found more stuff to do (it never ends)

August 2021, Week 1

Making levels
Added indicator on doors that need multiple buttons to be pressed
Fixed stuff
Found more stuff to fix

July 2021, Week 5

Worked on animations and NPCs
Worked on new levels
Added ball
You can choose to play ball with the weird bear guy or not (but he'll be sad)

July 2021, Week 4

Made a house you can enter.
Put a NPC in the house.
Put a NPC outside the house.
Worked on new levels and NPCs.
Todo: make more houses

July 2021, Week 3

Worked on the UI and overworld.
New menu settings for text speed because real gamers don't need to read and volume settings so streamers can turn off the music and put up their anime songs instead.
Chloée's bow is no longer a candy.
Gates that need multiple buttons to open.
Making new levels and art.

June 2021, Week 4

+ New collectible that you lose one of when you take damage
+ Fancy UI animations
+ Egg UI for your egg collecting needs

June 2021, Week 3

+ Basic pathfinding so the other character can follow the one you control.
+ Changed Chloée's legs bones to make more sense.