Cult of Damaskus

October 2021, Week 4

+ Resumed working on new levels after an extended vacation
+ Made weapon switching instant. No more .5s delay to put your current weapon away and .5s delay to pull the next out
+ Gave the pistol pinpoint accuracy. It's still relatively weak at this time, but is likely to be your best solution to deal with long-range encounters
+ Began implementing a sniper enemy, which will point a laser sight where ever it's aiming. When the aiming cycle is finished, the sight will stay still and the sniper will fire after a brief delay. Sniper bullets are faster than other projectiles. Snipers have a low health pool.

September 2021, Week 4

+ Fixed harpoons for the harpoon chainsaw. Enemies will now be pulled much more reliably in tight or obstacle-heavy areas instead of colliding with something and immediately stopping.
+ Added fall damage.

September 2021, Week 3

+ Mostly finished the Cherub enemy. Still have some bugs to work out with the new flying movement and need to give them sounds, animations, etc.
+ Started testing 3 & 1/2 new enemy types:
+ Mid-tier enemies who (primarily) rapidly fire slow-moving projectiles
+ Low/mid-tier melee enemies who summon a little familiar when combat starts, or when their familiar is dead. I may also give them a special ability in the form of creating a destructible, 1-way shield for their nearby allies.
+ Familiars, weak fliers that fire slow-moving projectiles at a very slow rate. Spawned by the previous enemy type.
+ High-tier fat tanky melee enemies with mouths in their stomachs, who will occasionally try to grapple the player with their stomachmouth's tongue and reel them in. While attempting to grapple, their stomach becomes a weak point and will take extra damage if shot. If the player is grappled, shooting the stomach will immediately cancel the grapple.
+ Still working on rebalancing the fat diaperbaby tubbos with assault rifles to make them interesting to fight
+ Considering reworking the bulls again as well
+ Vaguely planned out the themes for 8 levels
- My levels still suck ;_;

September 2021, Week 2

+ Started working on a new enemy, the Cherub. A fast, low-tier flier who will try to strafe around the player between firing cycles.
+ Working on a new movement script for flying enemies, such as Arms and the new Cherub. Being able to properly fly will make Arms much more interesting to fight, I'm hoping, when combined with the following change:
+ Added residual hazard puddles to Arms' projectiles - not pictured because they look godawful as of writing this. When their fireballs land, they will leave a temporary puddle of fire/lava/whatever it winds up being that damages you if you step in it. I'm hoping to make certain combat encounters more about fighting for space/territory with these additions and changes.
+ Started drafting up a rework for Enforcers (the big fat shirtless diaperbabies with assault rifles) since they do nothing interesting, offer no challenge, and aren't particularly fun to fight.

August 2021, Week 4

+ Major progress on new demo day level
+ Drew up a few new sprites, nothing juicy
+ Added melee kick sprites, haven't rotoscoped them yet but they're there
+ Added some new options to the menus
+ Added auto weapon switching
+ Added a message that displays when you find secrets
+ Lots of small balance changes

August 2021, Week 3

+ Added swimming and underwater portions to planned demo level.
+ Started working on a boss fight.
+ Created a few new art assets, including some enemy sprites. Millions to go still.
+ Reworked HUD (it still sucks, will be reworked again later) and added some video options in the menu.
+ More bug fixes.
+ I'm sure there's more but the weeks are blending together and I'm losing track of what I'm making at what time.

August 2021, Week 2

+ Scrapped more levels and started on more levels. Finally getting somewhere.
+ Drew a few new sprites for the Bully and Legs enemies, the player's rocket launcher, and other misc pieces.
+ Further refined ability for enemies to use multiple attack types. Bullies can now fire their miniguns or their dual rocket launchers in 2 mildly different patterns.
+ Finished planning weapon #10, which should be the last.
+ Bug fixes (corpse gravity and explosive AoE damage weren't working on slopes) and optimizations

August 2021, Week 1

+ Downloaded a ton of CC0 textures and wasted a million years playing around with them.
+ Scrapped earlier completed levels and started working on new level.
+ Minor art additions, including these cool new pipes that stand out like a sore thumb against the textured concrete bunker walls here. Will change them when I have more art skills.
+ Groomed an artchad into helping me with art by teaching and critiquing my garbage..

July 2021, Week 5

+ Learned to use Blender & Unity's shader graphs at a super basic level.
+ Drafted up some new weapon art.
+ Began implementing a powerup gauge system ripped straight out of Amid Evil. When the powerup is activated, your weapons will become significantly more powerful in various ways for the duration of the powerup. The shotgun, for example, will become a gatling shotgun, increasing its fire rate massively. It's pretty fun.
+ Been working on making level art suck less. No actual progress made on that front despite my efforts.

July 2021, Week 4

+ Coded in a couple new weapons, including the harpoon chainsaw in this webm (the harpoon projectile is a placeholder)
+ Learned to use Blender and finished an extremely rough draft of a new level which will probably be included in the next demo day build
+ Changed enemy sprite shader to react to lighting, probably going to apply it to all 2D sprites
+ Misc art (most importantly, bullet hole decals and a little smoke puff animation for bullet impacts on inanimate objects)
+ Bug fixes

July 2021, Week 3

+ Fixed enemy bullets clipping through walls
+ Added new enemy, Legs, to complement the floating pair of arms, Arms
+ Started drafting new animations and sprites for Arms enemy and his projectiles (proper attack animation and fireball explosions soontm)
+ Finished drafting basic enemy's final animation (north-facing walk cycle)
+ Partially fixed (and re-implemented) jumping, implemented crouching
+ Finished code for rocket launcher, still need art for it
+ Drew up a bunch of misc doodad sprites
+ Progress on new level

July 2021, Week 2

+ Changed enemy bullet sprites to 3D tracer models to enhance visual clarity
+ Began rewriting portions of AI system that were causing AI to get stuck/have their LoS abused easily
+ Started implementing and testing out new enemy types
+ Polished up some of the art assets
+ Began working on new level
+ Bugfixes, balance changes and some misc adjustments to demo day level based on feedback
+ Drew my house (pictured, slightly left of the crosshair)

July 2021, Week 1

+ Drafted a few sprites for the last of the bread-and-butter enemy types
+ Implemented an autorifle with drafted art and began working on a rocket launcher
+ Finished first attempt at a level
+ Set up a scaleable UI with placeholder art
+ Created some art and animations for some little miscellaneous doodads

June 2021, Week 4

+ Began working on a level theme. Very much a WIP:
+ Drafted almost all sprites & animations for basic "Mask" and not-basic "Shotgun Mask" enemy types
+ Implemented the last bread-and-butter enemy type with placeholder art.
+ Began cleaning up + working on new Bully sprites & animations (he's a bull with a mask. :3)
+ Cleaned up Shotgun sprites and animations a bit more.
+ Further adjusted AI system. Enemies can respond to the player in fun and dynamic ways without being too intelligent.
+ Began working on babby's first level, which will probably never see the light of day.
+ Tons of other small updates and fixes. Demo soon (TM)

June 2021, Week 3

+ Revamped AI system to allow for more dynamic behaviour between enemy types
+ Started working on early rotoscope drafts for shotgun sprites/animations
+ Hooked up the HUD UI, is now fully functional programming-wise
+ Added shitty programmer art blood decals
+ Added early version of giant floating cat easter egg boss for some reason
+ Created, finished, and cleaned up numerous sprites for 2 other enemy types

June 2021, Week 2

Set up a conal field of view for enemies so they no longer simply detect the player and activate when the player is close enough
Implemented a bunch of sound-related stuff
Finished title theme:
Cleaned up some of the existing sprites for one enemy type
Drafted up another directional idle sprite for one enemy type