Generic Zombie Shooter - Redux

November 2018, Week 4

+ Released v1.3 of the game after two month hiatus.
+ Added Achievements system and 11 achievements.
+ Added new Talent Tree system with 36 talents.
+ Enemy spawning performance enhancement

August 2018, Week 2

+ new enemy type: The Prowler
+ gave the Aberration a tentacle attack that paralyzes and damages player
+ improved Stitches' aiming of his hook to make it easier to hit the player
+ added Taser weapon: paralyzes enemies for a few seconds
+ added damage types to each attack in the game and gave each enemy status and damage immunities
+ many, many bug fixes
+ released version 1.2 on!

August 2018, Week 1

+ weapons are now restricted by level and are spawned in the shop randomly when the player levels up
+ added new enemy type: Starfright - enemy that rapidly charges you, but can be slowed by the flashlight, and then explodes like a flashbang, causing blindness and ear-ringing deafness for several seconds
+ added new enemy type: El Salvo - an enemy that charges the player and explodes when within close-range. The explosion is lethal to the player.

July 2018, Week 4

+ added melee weapons: Machete, Bastard Sword, and secret weapon
+ added weapons: Revolver, MP5, Hunting Rifle, AWP, Crossbow, Molotov, Stinger Missile
+ boss health bar during boss waves
+ projectile penetration

July 2018, Week 3

+ added melee weapon class
+ added machete
+ added boss health display to HUD
+ powerups now display text explaining what they give you
+ weapons are now automatically equipped when you buy them

July 2018, Week 2

+ added screen shake effect for gun recoil, explosions, and player damage
+ added armor that's purchaseable from the shop
+ particles can now be animated using sprite sheets instead of static images
+ added damage vignette to indicate when the player is taking damage
+ various HUD refactoring and enhancements, as well as new sound for level-up

July 2018, Week 1

+ floating damage text
+ blood splatters
+ critical hits and new powerups
+ new d20-based health and damage system
+ new sounds and UI updates

June 2018, Week 4

+ added settings screens for audio, display, and controls settings
+ added loot tables for enemies, rather than having same drop rate for all items for all enemies
+ items now blink 3 seconds before disappearing
+ player now grunts when taking damage
+ can now exit the game with ESC key in-game

June 2018, Week 3

+ added burning status so enemies can be lit on fire
+ refactored some of class architecture to get rid of global variables
+ enemies now have loot tables so each enemy has different item drops and chances for each item to drop
+ key control layout is now customizable

May 2018, Week 4

+ added flocking behavior to prevent enemies stacking on each other
+ added night vision power-up

March 2018, Week 5

+ updated shop UI - ammo count and max ammo button, player cash now shown on HUD
+ added game's first easter egg
+ increased flashlight size and lowered music volume
+ added skip button for skipping countdown between waves
+ released v1.1.0 alpha demo

March 2018, Week 4

+ added Flashlight
+ bug fixes
+ hit flash effect (enemies flash when hit)
+ knockback effect
+ first easter egg
+ alpha demo release

March 2018, Week 3

+ Bug Fixes and updated unofficial soundtrack
+ Powerup balancing and spawning
+ Better enemy pathing (enemies can't stand on top of you)
+ Fixed grenade collisions.
+ Randomized cash rewards
+ Added spotlight

March 2018, Week 2

+ added enemy wave generation
+ added ability to buy ammo for individual weapons
+ added random powerup drops
+ fixed some bugs

March 2018, Week 1

+ added 3 original bosses
+ added wave generation logic
+ added player respawning
+ added player lives count to HUD

February 2018, Week 3

+ Finished shop layout.
+ Inventory fully implemented. Can buy and sell items.
+ Fixed bug in music player that was causing it to resume and pause from incorrect triggers.

January 2018, Week 3

+ Add streaming music player.
+ New shop layout in progress.
+ Inventory system revised to handle more than 10 items.
+ Added loading state for loading assets before game starts.

December 2017, Week 3

+ added Big Red Button weapon
+ added wave logic to enemy controller
+ added continuous click-to-spawn in console
+ fixed minor issues with concurrency

December 2017, Week 1

+ corrected sentry gun rotation to properly follow and shoot at targets
- realized too late that Slick2D doesn't have decent alpha/color blending support

November 2017, Week 1

+ fixed timestep so game logic is not framerate dependent
+ added Claymore weapon
+ changed collision detection (still broken as fuck)

October 2017, Week 4

+ added Grenade Launcher
+ added Gasbag enemy type
+ lots of refactoring
- realized game entity movement speed is framerate dependent; working on fix

October 2017, Week 3

+ added Upchuck enemy
+ added Flamethrower
+ added muzzle flash to weapons
+ console now has proper input, displays previous commands, etc

October 2017, Week 2

+ Added enemy controller to manage enemy waves.
+ Added experience and leveling system with training screen to enhance abilities.
+ Added some new status effect items.
+ Added another zombie type.
+ Increase resolution.