Generic Furro Climbing Hill Racing Game With Something That Are not Zombies (GFCHRGWSTAZ)

March 2019, Week 1

+ First concept of the second level done. Pic related. Subject to change based on feedback and testing
+ Some game logic changed to make the game less cpu hungry
+ Im studying and reading books/tutorials about art and animation in general to help me on artdev
- Still testing the new thruster i made. I removed the thruster from demoday build because it still need some fixes and balance
- I want to do art, but art is hard. Same applies to animation

February 2019, Week 1

+ Fixed some weird interactions between enemies and dynamic platforms
+ New thruster item that forces your car into the mouse direction
+ Small tweaks to items and car stats
- Level design will be probably my biggest challenge. I need to make enormous maps that work well with all the environment mechanics, else the game is probably doomed.
- Found a terrible bug that causes some bad interactions between car and terrain. It looks very hard to fix. I probably choose the wrong engine to do this sort of game....

January 2019, Week 5

+ Made some changes to the items mechanic logic to support customizable item selections
+ You can now customize your car loadout on the main menu
- Still need to finish the second level and the new item im working on
- Need to work more on my discipline to make more progress

January 2019, Week 4

+ Made some changes on gameplay and level design based on feedback from demoday
+ Fixed some small bugs
+ New thruster item on the works
- Still need to finish level 2
- Slow progress... its hard to keep making progress
flatout/crashday vibes on this
i like it

January 2019, Week 1

Generic Furro Climbing Hill Racing Game With Something That Are not Zombies (GFCHRGWSTAZ)

+ Car balance and tweaks
+ Car selection menu
+ HP system and death conditions (both enemies and your car have real HPs now)
+ Enemies can now attack and kill you
+ Camera tweaks
+ Physic tweaks on cars and enemies
+ Level 1 pretty much done gameplay wise for now (still using shit placeholder graphics tho)
+ Some bugs got fixed (big thanks to colludium)
- Found some bugs (you can even see one on the webm where the flying enemy kills you while dead)
- Still working on level 2 for demoday
- No new art progress (need to make new sprites for the enemies and map)
- I think i've chosen the final name for the game but i will keep the change for later

December 2018, Week 4

+ design wise, both characters are done for now (animations and sprites to reverse the driving/shotting roles still need to be made tho)

+ made some adjustments to acomodate the characters and car interior

+- started to balance stats to the sedan car

Generic Furro Climbing Hill Racing Game With Something That Are not Zombies (GFCHRGWSTAZ)

December 2018, Week 3

+ Created a new car for the game: "the intel car", a blue sedan that will be your starting car on the game
+ Made some changes to the car logic on the engine to make things easy to add more cars
+ Made changes to the camera to be more smooth and zoom in/out when your aim is far from the car
+ Created one of the two characters that will be playable on the game: The Ferret with a beret. Its a infantry soldier

i actually did that today

the camera zooms out when you aim far from the car (you can see on the webm) and zooms in when the aim is close to the car

i guess i could increase the zoom out a little bit since it seems hard to notice on the webm

July 2018, Week 4

+ Remade some parts of the "code" to make dev easier
+- Made the second level, but it needs some tweaks
- Tried to do (concept) art, failed hard to keep up
- Got desmotivated after failed art sessions

July 2018, Week 3

+ Shooting mechanic done; camera was reworked to accommodate the shooting mechanic.
+ Few changes to the sound effects i've made; i also added a little bit of randomness to the SFX (pitch randomly changes).
+ - Second level still not complete;
- I removed the third thruster that I've made; the thruster conflicted with the main ideia of the game: freely move your car through air and ground. But i will probably rework the thruster ideia to place it in some levels.
- Got references to draw the game characters, but still haven't start to drawn them.

July 2018, Week 2

+ Made some sound effects myself for my game; sound design is fun.
+ Working on the second level.
+ Made a new thruster item; still need to think about the name for it.
+ Working on the game characters design
+- Still working on the shooting mechanics.
- Got sick last week, so i made not so much progress as i wanted to

July 2018, Week 1

+ First level/tutorial made for demo day
+ Had a new item idea; working on it
+- Working on the shooting mechanics
+- Using more placeholders; sounds, music, blood
- Made almost no progress last week

June 2018, Week 3

+ Code improvements; development will be easier
+ Explosion now impulse enemies away
+ Enemies behavior improved; now they attack you
+- Found a bug on the box2d version im using, but it got fixed quickly
- Slow progress as usual; still need to pick an art style to draw my own sprites

June 2018, Week 2

+ Added new (flying) enemy
+ More physics tweaks: now you can achieve a higher horizontal/vertical speed
+ Explosions push enemies away
+- Working on enemy AI
+- Working on the design of the first level
- Still using placeholders. I need to decide what art style i will use on all sprites and animations

June 2018, Week 1

+ Enemy AI improved
-+ Had to remake almost everything because i updated the physics behavior version
-+ Despite the time loss on this, things will be quicker to make on the new version

May 2018, Week 5

+ All basic mechanics and items done
+ Started to work on the enemies AI and behavior
- The enemies still are messy and buggy as hell
- Slow progress

May 2018, Week 4

+ Overall improvements on thrusters and camera
+ Low gravity glider implemented
+- Working on the third item: Pulse Bomb
- Progress is very slow (but at least some progress is made)
- Still need to decide if a mobile port can work with the game

May 2018, Week 3

+ Basic car mechanics and physics done
+ Added the thrusters mechanic
+- Still working/trying to figure out other mechanics that would be fun
+- Progress was made, but at a very low speed, i could've done more past week