rogue planet

September 2022, Week 2

+ Reduced the scope
+ Implementing dialogue system (plugin)
- Huge hiatus
- No longer a tactics game (I will make one, but the current one's scope doesn't allow for it)

October 2021, Week 2

+ Added a bunch of vehicles.
+ Roaming parties are now represented by the vehicle they drive.

October 2021, Week 1

+ Game data is properly transferred between levels, including party location.
+ Loot is added after combat.

September 2021, Week 4

+ Connected data to UI
+ Food is consumed by party members as time goes by. Fuel is consumed only when moving.

September 2021, Week 3

+ Working on the UI: Added resource counter.
+ Added MG to the pick-up.
+ Cleaned up the code a bit.

+ Replaced pick-up with a more "late-game" vehicle.
+ Changed the default map so the demo is less confusing.
+ AI is charging forward with little regard for their safety. Needs fixing.

I'm sorry to hear that, anon. I hope you're seeing a doctor for treatment. I don't know about your specific circumstances, but maybe you could build a scale of social interaction, from easier for you (4chan) to harder (face-to-face conversation with a total stranger). But if you're seeing a psychologist (please, do if you don't!) I'm sure they'll have better ideas.

September 2021, Week 2

+ Can spawn settlements automatically, which will be handy later on.
+ Medkit now takes into account medical skill
+ Multi-tile obstacles that provide cover now properly block pathfinding.
+ I was unable to make a Linux build for DD40. Need to troubleshoot a bit more.
+ Left for later the "Defuse trap ability"
+ The combat level had too much stuff, so I replaced it with a smaller one.
+ I will eventually need to find a name for the project since "rogue planet" has huge namespace collisions.

August 2021, Week 4

+ Getting the hang of the ATBTT (TBS toolkit). Base tactical combat layer is already there.
+ See that car? You can get cover behind it.

August 2021, Week 2

+ Can transition from strategic to tactical map and back.
+ Added factions with relationship values between them, from 0 (Fake friends) to 100 (Apocalyptic besties).
+ Trying to create a square "matrix" in ue4 drove me a bit nuts, but I learned a lot.

+ Sight radius for cities and roaming parties.

August 2021, Week 1

+ Added data struct to save data between level loads through game instance.
+ Fixed strategic clock alignment.

July 2021, Week 5

+ Strategic map units with basic AI
+ Got the vaccine [1/2] (+10% yesdev skills for the month)

+ Strategic map time speed can now be changed.
+ Added Pause
- Level transition needs to be fixed.

+ Working clock and day counter
+ Didn't break Tactical Pause

July 2021, Week 3

+ Learned how to use the "Magic Nodes" plugin to add C++ code in a "friendlier" way.
+ Created and imported a ue4 metahuman.

July 2021, Week 2

+ Mousewheel zoom
+ Tactical pause
+ Settlements with bare bones logic and interaction volumes
+ Transition to tactical level