Devil Engine

October 2018, Week 1

+ Demo's out on Friday
+ Added local high score boards for every mode, with over 100 random names
+ Added options for online preference, smooth menus, and vsync method
+ Golly, even more sekrit stuff!
+ Got another guest musician for said sekret stuff
- Sony can go eat a bag of dicks

September 2018, Week 4

+ It finally happened
+ Added additional scoring elements, such as Wonder Witches
+ Reworked boss quick kills; now gives points relative to speed instead of all or nothing, quickill time increased
+ Moved several extra point gains to give immediately instead of at the end of a stage
+ More super player balance testing
+ Console stuff
+ Big ol NDA secrets
+ Added steamworks features for the demo
- PC ate shit, thankfully nothing was lost but crippled for a bit

September 2018, Week 3

+ TGS went swimmingly
+ Notable players this time: Cyberconnect2 members and GCCX staff (not the Kacho)
+ Lots of balance adjustments based on TGS and superplayer feedback, that'll continue for a bit
+ QOL additions
+ Content complete besides some music
+ Tryin to squeeze in as much hidden content as possible
- Original release date was October 16th, but that's the same day Battlefield comes re-figuring that out.

September 2018, Week 2

+ German finalized
+ TGS trailers and stuff go out in a couple hours (10am JST)
+ Stage 4 and 5 optimized
+ Cleaned out some deadtime in all stages
+ Memory optimizations
+ Of course, more skerit stuff

September 2018, Week 1

+ More for the TGS demo
+ Added some cheat codes
+ Retooled some of hard mode
+ Japanse, French and Spanish finalized, German implemented
+ Added a few old feature requests
+ more music

August 2018, Week 5

+ Added resolution dependent font scaling for Japanese. Font rendering scales with window resolution rather than sticking to 480p like the rest of the game, ala Cave Story (can be turned off)
+ Updated Japanese, added Spanish and French translations
+ Added Nintendo and Sega button prompts
+ Button prompts now comply with TRC
+ Rejiggered several menus to play nice with verbose euro languages
+ Achievement icons done
- Languages are a fuck, required a lot of backend tinkering

August 2018, Week 4

+ All 4 endings are done
+ Hard mode is done
+ Improved network and stat integrations
+ Console optimizations
+ Key art done
+ TGS promo stuff done, look forward to that

August 2018, Week 3

+ TGS demo done for pc and console
+ Stage 4 hard mode done
+ Optimized and reprogramed code for YYC
+ Added anti-cheat to stop monkeying with the socreboard (sorry anon who said he'd use cheat engine)
+ Added death bursting
+ Added options for controller vibration, deadzone, starting speed and conformation button on controller
+ More music
+ Key art coming along

August 2018, Week 2

+ Text finalized for translation
+ stage 2 and 3 hardmodes done
+ back end and leaderboard stuff
+ console dev is a go
+ roadmapped out from now to release
- was kinda sick over the weekend

August 2018, Week 1

+ TGS trailer edited
+ More sekrit stuff
+ More promo stuff
+ Lots of back-end stuff
+ Hard mode stage 1 mostly done

July 2018, Week 4

+ I can't believe it's more secret stuff!
+ There's now almost as much hidden content as there is main content
+ Confirmed for TGS
+ Achievements are set up
+ We're in the endgame now

July 2018, Week 3

+ Positive reception from CBT so far
+ big sweep of bug fixing
+ slight rebalances on normal mode
+ More hard mode
+ redid the tutorial, it's actually interactive now and journalist friendly
+ redid several menus
+ reformatting text to repair for more localization
+ more sekrit stuff

July 2018, Week 2

+ Stage 1 remake backgrounds done
+ Added Spanish, French, Finnish, German, Italian and Portuguese support
+ More sekrit stuff
+ Fixed up Japanese a bit
+ Improved some sound effects
+ Another new track
+ A bunch of /gd/ stuff for official business
+ Now a sony dev aswell
+ Codes goin out for beta testing/balance

July 2018, Week 1

+ Intro mostly done
+ Trailer edited, working on store page
+ Added more hardmode bosses
+ Another piece of music
+ Lots of paperwork
+ More meetings tomorrow
+ Now an official Nintendo dev
- Waiting on Sony approval

June 2018, Week 4

+ Added global online leaderboards for 9 categories
+ Added 22 steam achievements
+ Added boss rush
+ Started adding hard mode versions of bosses
+ Remade the core boss (the one with the crushy floors), demoted to not being a boss anymore
+ Added more anti-cheating routines
+ Adjusted score bonuses
- animation is hard

June 2018, Week 3

+ More intro animation
- It'll get done this century I swear
+ Even more unlockables
+ Added spicy mode
+ Several bug fixes and tweaks to scoring
+ Redid the stage 1-1 pattern, about 50% longer and about the same difficulty
+ Added missing timeouts and quickkills to bosses
+ Laid groundwork for global leaderboards, waiting for steamworks to go though for the rest of it.

June 2018, Week 2

+ Remade the main menu
+ Restructured progression system, made it actually functional, added 14 cosmetic unlockables
+ added a couple more stats to be tracked
+ Replaced (almost) all instances of prebaked text images to make translation go smoother
+ Remade the stage 1 enemies and the stage 1 miniboss (the carrier) from scratch
+ did SFX pass on stage 5
+ More intro animation, what's done is timed and going in engine
+ More music
+ Release date locked in, meetings later today

June 2018, Week 1

+ [more skerits]
+ Stage 5 and final sound effects done
+ Bugfix pass on those two too
+ more intro animation
+ a buncha paperwork for even more sekrits
+ Backend stuff for other platforms (not phones)

May 2018, Week 5

+ Slight rebalancing of stage 2 and 3
+ Working on the intro
+ Lots a sekrit stuff
- sekrit stuff and balancing's gonna be the only things on here for a while
+ they're good sekrits I swear

May 2018, Week 4

+ Final boss 2 done
+ Game is now playable from start to finish (on normal)
+ More business stuff
+ Started another pass on balance
+ Time to start working on sekrit stuff
- It's sekrit
- You seriously don't think the final boss is the end of the content, do you?

May 2018, Week 3

+ Back from Bitsummit in one piece
+ Final boss 2 bg done (it looks better animated)
+ more final boss 2
+ standardized shot damage
+ buffed homing shot tracking, slightly nerfed damage
+ some more work on sekrit stuff
- Con-flu and the dreaded Japanese cold mixed together to just fucking kill me for a bit

May 2018, Week 2

+ Did Bitsummit!
+ Very positive reception
+ SWERY65 and Iga both quite liked it
+ IGN Japan and Famitsu asked for interviews and builds after I got back home
+ Panels went well
+ Japan's rad as heck
- very tired
- have to fly back in the morning

May 2018, Week 1

+ More final boss
+ Lots of last minuet elbow grease
+ I blew it on the date, it's actually later THIS week
+ Gonna be in japan for business over the next week, might miss next recap

April 2018, Week 4

+ More final boss progress
+ Lots of video editing
+ More promo art
+ Later this week
- Real anxious about it