December 2022, Week 2

+ Migrated to Bevy 0.9
+ Fixed the UI so it's not upside down
+ Various script parser fixes
+ Added global variable support

December 2022, Week 1

+ Finished major refactoring steps
+ Recompiling after a physics tweak now takes less than 5 seconds

November 2022, Week 4

+ Tweaked star and dust colors
+ More refactoring
+ If I pull this off right, I'll get huge reductions in compile time
- There's a lot of stuff in the way of doing that
- Had to tear out a bunch of scripting stuff until after this is fixed

November 2022, Week 2

+ Scrapped the old lobby UI and made a new placeholder that mostly works
+ Got a placholder market interface working
+ Made contents of wallet and cargo hold persistent across scenes
+ Survived demo day
- None of the playtesters read the README so none of them knew what to do
- The sparsity of visual motion cues in flight mode made people nauseous
- Implementing shaded billboards is a mathematical pain in the ass

November 2022, Week 1

+ Many, many tweaks to planet generator
+ Added a basic splash screen on game startup
+ Various pre-Demo Day tweaks and cleanup

October 2022, Week 4

+ Fixed cubesphere UV mixups in planet mesh generator
+ Threw together a crude first draft of plate tilt simulation
+ Added basic land/sea color assignment
- Plate tilt looks like shit and draws straight lines everywhere

October 2022, Week 2

+ Fixed up a zillion bajillion little problems with music
+ Switched from 2D noise to 3D noise for terrain generation
- Wasted a bunch of hours trying to add attributes to the wrong mesh

October 2022, Week 1

+ Custom cube sphere planet mesh generation
+ Real-time control of model size/detail, and texture noise
+ Terrain re-renders only when inputs change
- It doesn't look like terrain yet

September 2022, Week 5

+ Planet generator is making some halfway decent continent shapes
- Can't save textures to disk yet so I'll need a workaround

September 2022, Week 4

+ Researched more shader shit
+ Planet generator has render-to-texture and hot-reloads shaders
+ Added a targeting window to in-flight UI
+ Target window shows name of target (ship, planet, system, whatever)
+ Target window shows class name when target is a ship
+ Press tab to cycle through ship targets
+ Press F to face towards current target
+ UI when docked now has a description field and distinct buttons
+ Buttons change colors when moused over or clicked
+ Keyboard shortcuts map to buttons instead of directly to actions
- I really need new fonts

September 2022, Week 3

+ Researched advanced rendering shit
+ Various planet gen improvements
+ Wrote a couple of missions and a little bit of lore

September 2022, Week 2

+ Changed how bullet meshes are loaded to prevent crashes
+ Started GPU-ifying some old shitty proc gen planet code
- Missed another demo day

August 2022, Week 4

+ Interstellar jumps now deplete your ship's energy buffer
+ All ship automatically refill their buffers during flight
+ Sound and message notify the player when buffer is full
+ Sound and message tell the player to fuck off when trying to jump with an underfilled buffer
+ Press N to select a star system to jump to
+ Stars now have their own camera and their own render layer like an actual skybox
+ Stars are smaller and more numerous, and drawn with fewer polygons
+ Added a minimap and tweaked the bejesus out of how the blips are drawn
+ Made the minimap circular and added a dumb textured overlay
- Planets appear closer in main view than on minimap, which might confuse players

August 2022, Week 3

+ Updated to Bevy 0.8
+ Script variables now have names instead of just numbers
+ Expression parser and formatter preserve the same parentheses as the input
- Tried to make camera movement a little cooler-looking but it didn't work out
- Bullets fired at close range are causing crashes AGAIN

August 2022, Week 2

+ Worked on event editor
+ Made rule expressions printable
- Looks like serialization is broken again

August 2022, Week 1

+ Wrote a bunch of dialogue for missions
+ Hook test expressions are now evaluated on scene transitions
- Hooks still can't really do anything so missions don't actually work yet
- Can't make a skybox or minimap while I'm waiting for one of my dependencies to un-break a feature

July 2022, Week 4

+ Fixed jankiness in warp scene transitions
+ More adjustments to loading screen animation
+ General-purpose story event hooks
+ Simple scripting language for comparing story flag values
- Hooks can't actually do anything yet
- Once again, I have created a worthless programming language

July 2022, Week 3

+ Implemented keyframe interpolation for the loading screen animation
+ Tweaked the animation a bunch to make it a little more interesting
+ More debugging and refactoring
+ Replaced some DD44 tutorial stuff with more general-purpose story flags
+ Started working on Steam Deck support

July 2022, Week 2

+ Various code cleanup to aid future debugging
+ Stupid animation for the loading screen

July 2022, Week 1

+ Changing port properties in the in-game editor now propagates to existing copies
+ Different star systems can now have different asteroid populations
+ VN scripts and star systems can specify custom music
+ Music can change within a script
+ Spaceports are implemented just enough so you can dock and leave again
+ Scene transitions now include a loading screen in case of potato
+ Lots of scene transition bugs fixed (no more starfield overloads)
+ Player can now manually select a spaceport to dock at
+ Added bleep sounds and console messages when changing nav targets
- I seem to have some weird physics glitches to hunt down

June 2022, Week 5

+ Made weapons a loadable asset
+ Added a weapon editor
+ Added weapon pickers to class and cohort editors
+ Editing a ship class, cohort, or weapon now propagates stat changes to existing ships
+ Made preloading much less wasteful
+ Made it possible to land on a specific planet instead of all planets being the same
+ Sculpting is way easier than I expected
- State transitions still need so much debugging that I will definitely miss demo day
- I am not close enough to dock