Monmusu Curse!

July 2022, Week 1

+ After feedback, my current/new plan is to work on the game in four discrete steps: Intro work, then mechanics rework, then actual content, then the actual intensive player testing. So most of my work is going to be just on the intro right now.
+ To keep with the theme of starting things simple, I'm only having the one character introduced at the start and decommissioning the others until later. Half-way through the design on that. Also handled the intro scriptwriting after many scraps and re-tries and some of the art to go with the intro and actual first versions of color picking and name picking (and a removal of the old bloated color system). This means I can start stripping away from the start menu and start packing things into the actual game. Also did backgrounds for intro and game over.
+ While the gallery/home and associated material and the home area are now mostly done, I'm going to be making more fixed scenes for the intro including some actual preset levels with actual goals and win conditions to them. The intro levels will handle the core mechanics and then I'll decide what I'm doing with the rest of the mess after.

June 2022, Week 5

+ A ton more minor graphical changes/polish such as fog of war, alert messages, slight changes to player sprite and extra expressions in the small scenes, selectors/pathfinding graphics changed, main menu changed (still a serious WIP, old title will be removed and hopefully all the text clutter will be removed) and a ton of other things I forget. Yes the new title options are a bit awkward but it works.
+ apk (android port) tested, it sucks but I can fix it sometime time by adding touchscreen inputs
+ Extra music track, they're getting vaguely better with experience
+ First map, instead of being a map with no enemies, is the fixed scene 'home'. I will be adding a gallery. The gallery will be important for the sake of showing the player what they've yet to unlock/see/experience.

June 2022, Week 4

+ Made a map editor for saving and loading preset maps. Not very interesting and missing the update tilemap region call but I can't post the new tits without getting kicked off the board.
+ Some slight art updates such as more detail on the ram corruption and backgrounds properly finished now including foreground effects. Updates scenes with some slight extra effects.
+ Bust size 4 now fully supported including its own top because by god will the old outfit not fit that chest. Bunch of other art projects started like tree update or an update to menu buttons.
+ Milk jug appears. Ore appears. Ore is saved to one of three binary save files now along with player name/details, separate from the config cfg file. The jug is a destructible object that can provide food.
+ One exported music piece and more experimental/half-done music pieces. It's getting better, just I don't practice it often enough.

June 2022, Week 3

+ Implemented new backgrounds for the first time since the start of development. They're still all WIP so you might notice things that don't look right, and there are some details missing.
+ Map gen changes. Maps are now 'downhill' and their size depends a lot more on if you take a path with increased map size / what area you're in.
+ Various fixes, extra bits of art, faffing around with intro writing, status screen now shows what corruptions are on the player.

June 2022, Week 2

+ Milk debuff?
+ Corruptions actually show up on status screen.
+ You can now back out of the escalation/end level screen and go gather more food or a map or whatever.
+ Art updates -- cat-girl's 'More Enemy' art is updated. Currently on some drafts/WIPs of: A vampire-girl, a character who'll appear in the intro, backgrounds for the intro/title screen, backgrounds for in-game. I've been having computer crashing issues I'm trying to resolve, and I was away half this progress week, but I made those shitty trees while I was away on mobile. It's going to take some work to make this into an actual background I'm still trying to work this stuff out.
+ Throwables now much more clearly display where they will go.
+ Wrote some stuff for the intro, plans for a sex scene in the intro to avoid the "why is my first hour of playings seggs game no seggs?" issue, will happen once vampire-girl's design is done

May 2022, Week 4

+ Procrastinated by adding falling leaf effects.
+ Procrastinated by adding a dumb shader to those dumb pick-up shard things.
+ Procrastinated by adding a dropshadow to enemies and the player.
+ Fixed pathfinding/enemy point disabling (for really real this time)
+ Extra expression on player, ripped clothes art and the cat-girls now rip your clothes off.
+ Mostly finished the second conversation system, including personalized speech bubbles for player + all enemies. Just needs some debugging and a scroll wheel.

May 2022, Week 3

+ Messed around with the built-in 2D animation systems with the bones and the weights and all that. Actually trying to make idle animations isn't a priority and so this was just a test run but it's good to be aware of it so I know how to layer character art in the future.
+ Right clicking an enemy now puts a ui element over them giving their name and health, and just showing you which enemy it's showing. Put a shader on it so it kinda shimmers.
+ Enemies can now ready conversation IDs with a symbol above them to show that if you right-click them, it'll open the new dialogue system. Which is a bit buggy/experimental and I'm in the middle of doing proper UI art for now, but it doesn't interrupt the player in any way, you can right click out of the conversation again or back in again. No choices are presented but it uses the same conversation .json files and will be used for all sorts of inconsequential talk.
+ Usual list of small things -- Another item pick-up sprite, refactoring the dialogue art scenes, fixed the water shader's reflections not working at all, debug system to make sure enemies are disabling the correct points, enemies can now switch to an 'ignore obstructions' pathfinding, player still attacks big obstructions even if they aim at its far side, eternal bugfixes, reinstalled windows.

May 2022, Week 2

+ Updated shard/'money' spawn mechanics. They now spawn at pathfinding ends which means you can often find shards in more interesting places, rather than just along all the paths you'd normally walk.
+ Small hotfixes like a bug with fox-girl's debuff not being able to find its associated shrine or 'show item descriptions on hover' not working until a new stage or MC not using their alt arm art at full breast size.
+ Actual sprite for the pink girl, not just a placeholder.
+ 3x3 obstructions now spawn as well as the first 'cursed item', not that it's very cursed yet. 3x3 obstructions behave a bit differently to the 2x2 ones. I'm planning on these items leading to scenes and interactions, i.e. the wolf's item opens up the wolf-girl interaction that I haven't coded in yet that should also trigger a non-debug chest size growth.

May 2022, Week 1

+ Uploaded to demoday, but I need to sleep and there are some really, really bad bugs (Like on the released version talking to the pink girl just straight-up crashes the game that I've now fixed, also there's something the fox-girls can do that crashes the game too) so I don't recommend it.
+ Obstructions actually finished, they actually block you and are surprisingly less annoying that I'd think.
+ Enemies drop the map now. Also updated the 'money' pickup art, there's a small and big version (the crystals)
+ Can spawn multiple fox-girls now. Enemies can get rank ups and they usually get way more annoying after 2 of them.
+ Added a decay mechanic so you lose small amounts of health on every move. Not like hitting 0 does anything right now.
+ Added two 'zones' (Sunset, Night) which are mostly palette swaps but at least makes you feel like you've gotten somewhere. Consider them placeholders.

April 2022, Week 4

+ Major part of this week is getting Fox (dumb shrine bitch) & Wolf's (annoying fluffy thing) interactions done. I'll hope I have at least that much done for demoday.
+ As usual, lots of minor things. Exporting assets to game engine + adding masks and making nodes for them, many minor fixes like to the screen transition or enemy rank-ups, extra expressions for certain characters, adding the extra eye/hair colors to the new thing. As expected, nothing worth a .webm.

April 2022, Week 3

+ Finished the clip that I posted last week assuming I don't do more than one frame. In any case, I'm now set up to do all the other art that re-uses half of this. There's the fox-ears variant as well but I'm just putting the horns up because it's better than the last time I did horns.
+ That's it, really. I'm back from vacation and I've sort of learned to use the tablet for drawing so I can make progress away from home. Also did a lot of little code fixes that were clogging up my to-do list and cleaned it up; I've made a summary of things I need to get done before demoday and hopefully I'll get to showcase all the changes/fixes/improvements then.

April 2022, Week 2

+ For this week and following weeks I should hopefully not have much to post because I should be working on art, which I'm slow at. I'm doing the first actual CGs which won't interrupt gameplay and will just be small interactions corresponding to less important events. It's dark around the edges because it was supposed to only fit in the oval and the lines are a mess because I will be putting every current and future change/cosmetic in (horns, fox-ears shown here). Other games avoid doing that because it's a terrible fucking idea.

April 2022, Week 1

+ Tweaked and exported previous music file, probably to be slapped in for the later earlygame stages or get replaced once I'm better.
+ Reworked player character's eye and face sprites. That's maybe 1/3 of the character revised.
+ 3x3 obstruction tile and 2x 1x1 background tiles and 2x2 obstruction repeating tile all now finished. 2x2 obstruction tiles now spawn, have a preference to be lower to the ground and in open space. I'm planning on using the 3x3 to hide items behind so you have to at least put a bit of effort in to get those chests. 1x1 background tiles are just aesthetics, I need to add more.
+ Obstruction tiles can be damaged, having a leaf effect blowing away from the attacker with force depending on damage. Takes multiple hits from multi-space-hit attacks, has a status for being hit once (slightly damaged) and being hit twice (broken) and a shake effect. Currently deciding between if obstruction tiles outright block movement or just drain energy/deal damage for walking through them.

March 2022, Week 5

+ Keyboard controls now work sufficiently for regular play (but do not have a cursor for navigating menus yet)
+ I'm still fucking around with the MC model on the side so WIP re-do of face/eyes/expressions (which I also needed to do because I had expressions rigged up wrong before) but at least I got the other arm pose done.
+ When you leave/enter a scene, the screen scrolls hard to the right to give a feeling of progression forwards rather than just teleporting between locations.
+ Added bridges that spawn.
+ Almost done with the art for destructible/obstructing (and some slight background) foliage. I may be making a movement towards a stamina-based system like you get in Motherlode, so getting around/through obstructions is likely gonna be important and I may make some enemies be able to go through the foliage.
+ I fucked around with different colors and nothing much came of it, but I think the darker colors could go well with a sunset map if I make that the 'second stage area'.
+ Fuck leaves.

March 2022, Week 4

+ Enemy debuff visual is now clearer and updated, player debuff visual in the inventory updated a little. Better but still rough on the edges about color contrast and clutter so it's anything but final. Also it now again shows what changes to your debuff levels next "tick".
+ Working on music and experimenting/learning, I have a new track but I haven't put it in the game yet as I'm deciding what to do with it. I did manage to shove a load of extra instrument samples into LMMS though.
+ I'm part-way through doing the first actual content's art which will be some interactions between enemies and players, but not full-on sex scenes or anything. I'm going to make them oval-shaped and fit them on top of this bigger oval but right now I only have the ideas, the frame and a sketch.
+ Couple of small additions/changes to shop (Blazier with slight lighting, starting on shopkeeper's sprite, lazy modulate to darken the map, ambience). It reds out items you can't afford.
+ Other ambient sounds. Still experimental, if it clashes with music or just sounds too real-worldy/distracting I might just not have it at all.

March 2022, Week 3

+ Filling out more of the escalation mechanic. I just threw together some cards which should be enough to return all previous aspects of the game (Shrine spawn, water, enemies) and will be used for future content (Thinking of adding blocking hedges that can be attacked/destroyed as an example). It doesn't really pop out visually but I'll worry about that another time.
+ Added a disclaimer screen on first start-up because all the cool kid porn games do that.
+ Fixed pathfinding (again)
+ Started adding keyboard/controller functionality to the game. Moves a cursor that functions the same as if you moved your mouse over it, has some features like holding shift to move it faster, or holding it down accelerates it and a button returns it to the character. It also scrolls the screen if near the edge of the screen. Part-way through assigning other keys to other essential functions.
+ Ditched the awkward draw delay mechanic as part of removing bloat. Instead, items will simply only draw one time per map to encourage you to stockpile more of them. I plan in the future to allow you to upgrade those items, too, either as a roguelite mechanic or by merging same items.

March 2022, Week 2

+ Finished my last commission obligation but I'm getting sidetracked again, hope to make it to next demoday anyway. I've decided on 3 or 4 major changes to face things I'm unhappy with in the game that I may be posting about in the following weeks. This here is the start of the first and second changes.
+ The first major change is I'm cutting back on all of the content at the start and putting up a "pathfinding" sort of system. At the end of each stage, likely after the shop, you'll be presented with three paths. Each path will add to all future changes, including - mew enemies; extra enemies; enemies rank up; map X or Y value increased; new hazard; more hazards; more water; some possible beneficial additions... And may lead to new zones (here it only shows the current and only zone as the background).
+ Cutting out the random loot chests thrown about. There'll be a "map piece" on the map that can be collected to give +1 choice on the pathfinding system.
+ Food now has a purpose and is consumed to give +1 choice on the pathfinding system, for a total of 3, minimum of 1.
+ Enemies will have alt art at higher ranks and alternate scenes with enemy variants.
+ Enemies now only inflict 1 debuff on their attacks to make them simpler, but gain their alternative debuffs at higher ranks. These alternative debuffs can inflict side effects like removing clothes or bigger boobs.
+ Also added foxgirl ears on player character.

March 2022, Week 1

+ Added a 'level skip' which is really useful for debug purposes, but will be left in the game in case of the very rare case of a player getting stuck. Or as an alternative to losing on purpose solely to skip forward.
+ New version of shop actually works now. Old shop system has been commented out, the shopkeeper now only spouts game info. (Still needs: Map sprite version of shopkeeper, further customization of the shop 'building', right click on items in boxes to see description, red tint on unpurchasable items)
+ Small fixes: Multiple attack instances now show correctly stacked on top of each other; enemies no longer unexist from a flinch animation; Can now set probabilities of an elite variant enemy spawning in the code; descriptive text to tell you that you can interact with stuff in the inventory.

February 2022, Week 4

+ Characters now only scroll in when you right click on them or during conversation, un-scroll if you click more than 1 square away from them.
+ Updating shop still. Placeholders for where prices will be, where you'll jump at to buy items, where background assets like some bottles or a tiny pomao might be, and updated the art for the character who comes with the shop.

February 2022, Week 3

+ Almost done fixing up the damage indicators. It'll put a box over an enemy that has attacked you to let you know you can hover over the enemy to see the damage calculation. I still doubt anyone could understand it at face value but it's better than nothing and it's better than when it briefly showed at the top-left. Also includes attack names now, I need to give it a background.
+ Mostly done on an art re-work for the shopkeep as part of me revamping the shop. I did the original art about a year ago so it'll be good to make a side-by-side comparison once I'm finished, maybe I'll post it sometime. (Also progress on a non-game art that I still owe someone from before I started this project)

February 2022, Week 2

+ New debuff display system, seen nearer the end of this webm (still need to rework character display so you can see the old one pop up too). Still need to polish it a bit, maybe remove the borders for the small screensize version (it already reduces the size a little bit on small screens)
+ Also mid rework for the damage display. Last time I posted I may or may not have posted it where there's arrows showing you directions and block values and all that, right now I've just reworked the arrows to look better on the player and I need to add a new cleaner way to show damage vs block values. Characters will also require right-clicking so they don't keep popping up when you're just hovering over them.
+ Climb toggle. If you right click on a climbable object you can see it brings up the button to toggle it. It won't hide itself unless your climb is toggled back on because you generally want to climb.
+ Fixed a long-running major issue in the code the other day where 72,000 pathfinding points were created instead of 20 slowing map generation by 0.25 seconds. Map generation now takes about 1 second, I haven't really put effort into optimizing it yet.

February 2022, Week 1

+ Fixed an old mechanic that I never noticed disappeared -- some enemies can move a bit before readied attacks.
+ Added retroactive view on enemies. Every move and every square attacked is recorded since your last move so you can check to see where an enemy moved from and what its attacks look like.
+ Reworking shop. Instead of having to talk to a bitch every time, it's a building and you just jump at what you want.
+ Starting redrawing some background features. Redid bedrock and the upper limit clouds.
+ More support for blocking to make the mechanic somehow less obscure. Includes a hover-over of what block values an ability gives, clearerer directions of which way an enemy attacked you and if you blocked/what block values were used. Still needs more work.
+ Refactored enemy detection and I think I've finally removed all the bugs where enemies disable/enable the wrong points on the map.
+ Added "GE" variant enemies. It really is just 2 extra health and they take 2 turns at a time (but only one ready phase). Surprisingly, I still managed to defeat the wolf-girl's variant with starting gear, and she drops a new item which doesn't do too much yet. The reason I added this cheap and lazy palette swap content is so that I can later construct a "you reached the end of the demo, here's a place to get fucked and die horribly to give your life meaning" zone at the end of whatever current content exists in the game.
+ game is still a mess

January 2022, Week 4

+ Added debug keys to remove clothes and change bust size (not seen here). Also some slight improvements to art here and there like making the hypnosis debuff art slightly better or the 'medium' bust size not looking weird.
+ More development on chat UI menu, removed the old clunky skip/go back buttons and now it opens a menu when you right click, including an option to open settings mid-talk. Also an option to hide the UI.
+ Added a directional blocking mechanic as hopefully one of the last major game mechanics. Still needs to be added to enemies and some feedback to make it clearer and making it clearer when the player is hit in general but it's coming along as part of trying to help the player understand anyfuckingthing that's going on.
+ Also setting up SFX for moves, there's not many in yet but there may be one for each move.
+ You can now select some player variables such as hair color on the main screen.

January 2022, Week 2

+ Fresher, clearer, less obnoxious attack tile symbols. They're less dynamic but still more pleasing than the mess of stock CSP effects they used to be.
+ Reworking the dialogue UI yet again because my UI always sucks and always needs improving, this is in preparation for a dialogue-heavy update in the future. I'm not making it purple-blue like here, I've already changed the color scheme slightly.
+ Started shoving icons onto the abilities on the hotbar so it's clearer how they work. The ones with the running guy counts you as running after you use the ability, for example, or the green clock thing doesn't end your turn.
+ You can now place pitons on non-background walls. Now softlocks are nigh-impossible.
+ For the time being, enemies have auras around them that indicate if they are chasing you or readying an attack. Might lock this behind an item or something in the future but it's good info.